How to draw a cat with a pencil step by step

How to draw a cat with a pencil step by step


Light lines outline a contour of a muzzle of a cat.

Bases of drawing of a muzzle of a cat

Draw parallel straight lines and specify an arrangement of eyes, a nose and mouth.

we learn to draw a muzzle of a cat

Using the pointed pencil of NV trace a muzzle of a cat.

Initial drawing of a muzzle of a cat

Now trace eyes, a nose and a mouth. We will make a light source from above at the left, and eyes are a little wider, than on a photo. Then we start drawing contours of white sites on a muzzle.

How to draw eyes of a cat

Let's a little apply lines on ears, and also contours of white sites under eyes and in a nose.

We draw a cat

We put contours of white sites on all muzzle and on a body at a cat.

Bases of drawing of wool at striped cats

During drawing, constantly compare your drawing to mine and again check proportions. Pay special attention to length, tilt angles and bends of strokes.

That wool looked naturally, draw only sharply ground pencils. It is very important to think over the directions of bends of a stroke, they will help to create illusion of volume to various parts of a muzzle under a sherstka. Before beginning, clarify lines of a shadow grid by means of a soft eraser. Remember that at the left strokes are lighter, than on the right.

We apply shadows on a muzzle of a cat

Using pencils 2H and HB put strokes of wool of different length and density. To create lighter sites, lines have to be far away from each other that dark — lines have to be drawn close to each other.

Initial stage of drawing of wool

I prefer to work from light to dark, imposing tone. For dark areas the pencil 2B, and well is suitable for the most dark places, especially for dark strips on the right, the pencil 4B is magnificent. At completion of work you receive a set of tones, using pencils of various softness and changing density of lines. When draw wool, shadow transitions can be sudden and steep or, on the contrary, gradual and smooth.

How to draw a cat step by step

Now we should recover eyes. At first we add light tone on an eye iris of the eye NV pencil, then pencils 2B and 4B led round contours of eyes. Do transitions of shadows smooth. An eraser clarify a small slice of a raduzhka which is in the bottom right corner, opposite to a patch of light. A pencil 6B we paint over a pupil.

How to draw wool

While shade his ears and the lower part of a muzzle, remember that shading has to be lighter at the left as this part is closer to a light source. Pencils 2H and HB study light places, and a pencil 4B — dark. Find minute and study the directions of bends of lines of shading.

How to draw wool at cats

Look at a portrayal of moustaches, for this purpose use a sharp pencil.

We draw moustaches

Compare my drawing to the to add dark sites simply put additional lines that the light — use an eraser.

How to draw a cat with a pencil step by step

Author: Brenda Hoddinott