How to draw a class with a pencil step by step

How to draw a class with a pencil step by step

School class

The class is photographed on a certain corner, we draw an arrangement of walls, the ceiling is almost not visible, the wall on which will hang a board occupies leaf area on height more than a half. This same room. We press on the picture, will be increased.

We draw the room

Now draw a board and a door, board height on the right slightly already, than at the left because of prospect, and also lateral face of an aperture which is closer to a corner less, than another.

School class drawing lesson

We create a doorway additional straight lines and we divide a board into three parts.

Class drawings a shkolgy class how to draw

Draw a table of the teacher, then auxiliary lines of an arrangement of school desks in a class. See that distance between ranks at the left very wide, and on the right very narrow, thus from a wall narrower interval, and in the foreground it much more expanded.

We learn to draw a class

We draw school desks up.

How to draw a class step by step

We draw legs and crossbeams.

How to draw a school class with a pencil step by step

Draw fluorescent lamps over a board, the switch, a door, chairs.

How to draw a class with a pencil step by step

Podsotrite where backs of a chair came on a table or their legs. Here and the school class is ready.

How to draw a class