How to draw the Chinese rose

How to draw the Chinese rose

How to draw the Chinese rose

Draw an oval, a small stalk and a stamen. Press on drawing for increase.

We draw the sketch

At the Chinese rose only five petals, a stamen are between two petals on the opposite side.

How to draw a flower

Now we will draw outlines of leaves.

How to draw a flower step by step

Draw veins on leaves and make edges gear, and also veins on petals.

How to draw a hibiscus

Now we have to pass by the color. Now pink and light green pencils will be necessary for us. A pink pencil lead round petals, light green leaves. You will see soon that it is best of all to draw hibiscus flowers in color, but not simply graphite pencil.

We learn to draw the Chinese rose

We erase lines of a simple pencil. Only the pink contour of petals and a green contour of leaves have to remain. The coloring begins from here. I think, it to be pleasant to you.

We draw the Chinese rose

At first we draw a stamen a yellow pencil, it because will be difficult to draw in detail it then on a pink background. Pressing on a pink pencil more, lead round petals and the line (vein) in them. Slightly we start painting over all petals of a hibiscus. If we draw a red shade, the first layer should be drawn the pink.

How to draw the Chinese rose step by step

Here you can add pink tone on petals. Always do strokes parallel to veins of petals (if it is leaves, leaves). A red pencil walk on a stamen.

How to draw the Chinese rose a pencil step by step

Now in the red color walk on petals. Color tone in a bowl is almost always more dark. In a bowl are available a blackish shade. Take a dark green pencil if it is not present, black, and paint over area. I recommend to check combination in the color on separate paper.

Drawing lesson colored pencils

Now we will pass to leaves. Paint over leaves in the light green color, leaving white sites, where veins.

How to draw the Chinese rose with a pencil step by step

Add dark green color on leaves and about veins, be accurater, they have to remain light (veins).

How to draw the Chinese rose