How to draw a stone with a pencil step by step

How to draw a stone with a pencil step by step

Necessary materials: F (it is a pencil is between HB and B) and 2B 0,5 mechanical pencils, 4H and 2H collet pencils, Blu-Tack or a klyachka, an electric eraser, smooth Strathmore 300 Series Bristol Board paper.

Never you should not underestimate sketch force. I seldom simply sit and I watch TV but when I do it, I take the folder with photos and I do the sketch. Here a sketch from this group.

Creation of volume and form.

At first sight it seems that it is easy to draw them. I consider, they it is a little more difficult, than it. They have to have the volume and a form. Light and shadows play an important aspect in drawing of realistic breeds. I think that the best comparison is a cube. To create this three-dimensional form, we have to use light and shade. The top part of a cube with the most direct sunshine is the brightest. At first sight can seem that it is easy to draw stones. It seems to me not absolutely so — they have to have the volume and a form. Light and shade play an important role in the image of realistic rocks.
On this sketch stones where their corners and the planes taking into account light in the top right corner are shown are represented.
How to draw stones
On this sketch rocks with the softened corners are represented, but the planes creating a volume form of rocks are still visible.

How to draw stones
Many lessons of drawing of stones stop at this stage. Unless they will look in a realistic landscape? There are not enough tones and details.
We watch a photo. The image in color and black-and-white tones is submitted. I like to draw and study, having used two images. Shades of the gray help to find tone, and color helps with details.

Photo stonesBlack-and-white photo of stones

Step 1. We are going to draw a big boulder at the left. I start doing the sketch of a stone in dark areas by a pencil 2B. Light areas are drawn by means of F pencils. Using short casual marks, I concentrate on dredging and the shaded areas. Look, you have to draw all dark sites of a stone at this stage.

How to draw a stone

Step 2. If at you all preliminary details are drawn, take a collet pencil with the slanted end and put strokes with a smooth even layer on all surface. In lighter areas I use 4H, and 2H in the darkened areas. Remember lighting on the planes and corners.

How to draw a stone step by step

Step 3. Now the most interesting begins! By means of soft mechanical a pencil we start creating textures! I use short casual marks for creation of holes and a rough surface. Use softer pencil over the firm. We know that the soft pencil over the firm creates very rough surface. But it works wonders in creation casual, rough texture the Slanted tip is very important for rocks since it gives a flat wide stroke. We continue to draw all new layers. Use Blu-Tack (klyachka) for creation of thin sites. Use an electric eraser to create small sites of light. I already mentioned in a step 1, you have to be convinced that noted all dark sites at a stone before passing to a step 2. The reason that if you put lines with a firm pencil, in this site you will not be able to achieve black tones.

How to draw a stone with a pencil

Ready option.

How to draw a stone with a pencil step by step

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