How to draw a carnation with a pencil step by step

How to draw a carnation with a pencil step by step

Part 1. The prolog, we learn to draw simply a carnation, in the 2nd and 3rd parts we will already draw a carnation branch with several buds.

We draw the semi-opened bud. Its form is similar to a mushroom, we draw two crossed ovals, one vertical, other horizontal. These two ellipses will serve to you as the management to keep the correct proportions if you are not able to draw a carnation without them. Make sketches of a cup and petals, gradually erasing lines of ellipses.

How to learn to draw a carnation

Now we will consider drawing of the closed bud.

How to draw a carnation bud

Now present carnation petals as they will look in an open flower. That to understand it draw simply contours as in drawing, and then simply add cloves. It is very simple, isn't that so.

How to draw carnation petals

Let's draw the opened carnation bud. Let's take already drawn, we will draw a basis same, only the part where petals, a contour will be more. Now we draw petals, proceeding from the previous experience.

As it is correct to draw a carnation

To draw a flower full, it is necessary to add a stalk and leaves. They are drawn very easily, the stalk is drawn, as a stick, and leaves as curved lines. Now draw leaves and a stalk more volume.

How to draw a stalk

Look at couple an example how to draw a branching of stalks at a carnation.

Drawing of a stalk of a carnation

Part 2. We draw a carnation a pencil.

We know how to draw separate parts of a carnation, time to implementation of the full sketch came. Try to draw a carnation what you see on the picture lower. Anything terrible if you awake to be mistaken, make mistakes, it and is process training. Remember, you not the camera, you the person and each of you is individual, and it is shown in each your line. With this picture, press it and the following for increase. Let's start imposing a shadow from a bud in the left part of drawing.

How to draw a carnation with a pencil step by step

The stalk of a carnation is on the left side darkened, on the right the light. Look more attentively how to transfer shades of leaves, it allows an image format, at the basis dark, a tip light. We apply a shadow on the biggest bud. Shading at us goes separate lines closely to each other, thus we regulate pressing a pencil to create dark and light sites, and also transition between them.

How to draw a carnation with a pencil

We apply shading on the flower rest.

How to draw a carnation a pencil step by step

Chast3. We draw a carnation colored pencils.

We draw the main lines of growth of a flower, then an arrangement of buds on it.

Bases of drawing of a carnation

We draw 3 buds and one opened flower, then stalks and leaves. Pay attention that the stalk is thickened to a bottom.

Stage-by-stage drawing of a carnation

You will be needs a pink pencil to draw petals and buds, and also light green for drawing of a stalk and leaves. Then start painting over, leaving untouched sites at petals, as on the picture.

We draw a flower colored pencils

Paint over completely a flower. When draw carnations or any other flower, it is necessary to use some flowers 2-3 different intensities or similar color. Use of pink and red color, very widespread practice. Start painting over petals in the red color over the pink. Experiment on a separate leaf.

How to draw with colored pencils step by step

Paint over all petals and pass to I paint over in the green color other parts of a carnation. Pay attention that intensity of color changes, give it.

Drawing by colored pencils

Paint over the flower rest. Such the carnation or even has to turn out better.

How to draw a carnation with colored pencils

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