How to draw Geese Swans step by step

How to draw Geese Swans step by step

We will draw the moment when geese swans depart together with the brother. Let's draw only geese.

How to draw geese swans. Lesson of drawing of the fairy tale geese swans

Geese swans at us 4, in drawing we will designate them 4 lines, on each line we will note hyphens length of a body and neck, they approximately identical.

We draw

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Let's start drawing on the left side of a leaf, it is convenient for right-handed persons if you the lefthander, to you is better to start drawing on the right side of a leaf. We do it that then the hands not to jam already drawn objects. It so, on a note. Draw a body, a neck, a beak and a small eye at a bird.

How to draw flying geese

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Draw a tail and wings.

How to draw the flying swans

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Draw feathers on wings at an extreme bird and we start the second for the same scenario, i.e. we draw a body, a neck, a beak and an eye.

How to draw pack of geese

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We draw wings and a tail at the second bird.

How to draw pack of swans

Draw feathers at the 2nd bird, and we start drawing to the third, which from above.

How to draw geese swans with a pencil step by step

Draw wings at the 3rd bird, by the same principle, as at the 2nd.

How to draw geese swans fly


We draw the brother Ivanushk on the top bird from all pack geese swans, then we draw the last bird, which in the foreground. Erase all auxiliary lines and drawing on the fairy tale "Geese swans" it is ready.

How to draw geese swans

It is also possible to show that they fly highly in the sky, for this purpose you will need to draw the horizon, the setting sun, the small river or a country road.

How to draw geese swans

Also on the end of drawing to have a rest, look at an animated cartoon "Geese swans".

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