How to draw lips it is realistic a pencil

How to draw lips it is realistic a pencil


Step 1. We will need more or less soft pencil, HB or 2B can be taken and, slightly pressing it, we draw a contour.

How to draw lips

Step 2. We draw a contour of lips and we determine areas of lips by ovals.

We learn to draw lips

Step 3. Now we shade an upper lip in the lower part. To do continuous monophonic tone, it is necessary to be trained a little bit (there is a lesson simply shading (press), and gradient shading (press), you at least simply see). I.e. we put strokes so close that they merge, thus between white smooth transition has to be a leaf and dark tone (pressing a pencil decreases therefore intensity of strokes decreases).

We learn to draw lips a pencil

Step 4. We draw a shadow under a lower lip.

As it is correct to draw lips

Step 5. If at you is, it is necessary to take very soft pencil, for example, 6B if is not present, then you have to simply strongly we press on the available. We do dark area about tips of lips, under an upper lip and under a lower lip where the dark site big and lasts a small stripe under a lip that to notice it look at the previous picture, and then this. On video this moment in general without questions, everything is clear.

How to draw lips with a pencil

Step 6. On an upper lip we do a dark site.

We draw lips step by step

Step 7. We shade an upper lip at first with monophonic light tone, then over it we do more dark sites on the upper edge of lips, median part of the bay, thus doing transition of a shadow that there was no accurate office it is a dark site, it is light. There have to be small smooth transitions of tone. Then we shade from top to down a lower lip.

We learn to draw lips a simple pencil step by step

Step 8. We put one more layer of shading to median part of lips at the left, from below lips smooth transition is done, i.e. the bottom is done dark, then we weaken pressing a pencil and transition turns out. We darken a little on the right, we take a rubber and we do a patch of light.

How to draw lips with a pencil step by step

Step 9. We do shadows round a mouth.

How to draw a mouth step by step

Step 10. Some places it is wiped up by a rubber. It is area from above of an upper lip at the left and we do a patch of light under an upper lip on the right.

How to draw lips with a pencil step by step

So, at any drawing by a pencil including lips, it is necessary to define a light source, then to define light and dark sites after that only to pass to drawing.