How to draw an eye and an eyebrow with a pencil step by step

How to draw an eye and an eyebrow with a pencil step by step

Eye structure

Now look at drawings of eyes in different foreshortenings below. Also pay attention that folds of eyelids at people lie on a miscellaneous, different in length and splendor of an eyelash and an eyebrow.


Scroll the page down to look that at us it has to turn out. Now we will start drawing an eye. Draw two circles — it will be an eyeball and an iris of the eye. Then draw lines of edges of the upper and lower eyelid.

stage-by-stage drawing of an eye

Draw a pupil and the line of the person.

How to draw an eye step by step

Eraser we erase lines which are above and below the eye. Put some lines in an eyebrow. Now draw the line which will show thickness of edge of a lower eyelid. Draw on the right from below eyes something similar to the extended drop. From above on the right draw an oval, allocate area of the third eyelid. Draw patches of light on a pupil.

How to draw an eye with a pencil step by step

By shading it is determined dark sites. Look, in what direction lines are drawn, they have to repeat a form of a surface of the person. Use pencils of HB and 2B for tone transfer. Turn attention, what areas it is left untouched, it will be light sites. We will draw brown eyes therefore the iris of the eye of an eye will be dark. Light brown, blue, or green eyes in the bigger have average tone. Pale blue, green, or gray eyes — very light on tone and contrast.

How to draw an eye a pencil

Using pencils 2H and NV and cross shading work the main volume sites, thus using a set of tones from very light to the almost black. Darken an eye iris of the eye, using shading by curls.

How to draw an eye step by step

Using pencils of HB and 2B add tone averages. Hold your horses! Without feeling sorry for time carefully study all shadows and penumbras where it is required. Pay special attention to elements which have to remain light. Contrast of light between light and dark tones adds realism and the necessary volume to our work.

How to draw an eye of the person

By means of a pencil 2B add shadows in the field of internal and external corners of an eye. Use sharp NV and 2B pencils to draw an eyebrow. Add a zateneniye to a pupil by means of 4B and 6B of pencils, do not forget to leave patches of light.

How to draw an eye of the person with a pencil

Make a zateneniye to areas higher than an eye if it is necessary, simply adding additional lines between the already drawn. Darken eyeball areas in eye corners. Add tone in other places. Draw with a pencil of NV eyelashes. They are on outer side of the top and lower eyelids. Add blood vessels in the form of rough thin lines.

How to draw an eye and an eyebrow with a pencil step by step

Author: Brenda Hoddinott