How to draw the Afghan borzoi with a pencil step by step

How to draw the Afghan borzoi with a pencil step by step

Now let's consider how is realistic to draw the head of the Afghan borzoi with a pencil step by step how to draw long wool at these dogs.

Any work begins with selection of materials. Therefore I at first will describe that I used for this work. The usual Whatman paper of the A4 format was used. It is important to have many pencils of various softness. However I use only a few – 5H, 2H, TM, 2B, 5B, 7B. Pencils of two firms – the Designer and Derwent. At selection of a referens for work as a pencil it is important to consider contrast of a photo. Turn attention to a clear boundary between shadows light. Here I use this photo found in a network, previously decoloured in a photoshop.

Afghan borzoi

I begin work with a sketch. I plan all important lines, such as fine details and borders of a treatment of light and shade.

How to draw the Afghan borzoi

I always begin shading with eyes is always recovers work. At first I lead round a contour at a century and I plan a pupil, then, gradually increasing tone, I darken it. I use the softest pencil. Raduzhka I trace TM. I put strokes from a pupil to edge to show natural texture. I smooth edges of patches of light. All pictures increase.

How to draw wool round eyes of a dog

I begin over wool. At first a pencil 5H I plan the direction of wool, then 2B and 5B I shade with small strokes a dark eyebrow. Then, making a start from tone of an eyebrow, I start studying light wool. I begin study 2H, and then as required I take 2H and TM. Watch that strokes did not go in parallel in parallel. Separate strokes slightly more darkly than the main tone which diversify wool lump will give good effect.

How to draw wool round eyes of a dog

I study a nose. I do not paint over it at once. At first I TM pencil accurately mark the most dark areas, and only then finally I darken. I begin with painting of nostrils 7B that then to rely on this tone. I start studying from dark areas, gradually increasing tone. To show leather texture of a nose, I shade not with straight lines, and spiral and bow-shaped, and sometimes I put simply ends.

How to draw a nose at a dog

Using 5H, I plan the direction of wool on an attractive face. At first I pass hardly noticeable long lines, then I do strokes more similar to wool, shading atop with shorter strokes. I start studying short strokes wool on near nose, using 2B and 5B.

How to draw wool about a nose of a dog

Gradually I increase tone on an attractive face, using TM. I plan those places where there will be shadows is a basis for future relief. I designate a soft pencil dark sites on a lip.

How to draw wool on a muzzle of a dog

I continue work on an attractive face, also I begin shading of a back of a nose. I work with a pencil 2B, putting short strokes. It is very important to observe the direction of wool, otherwise volume will be lost.

We draw wool on a muzzle of a dog

Finally I darken an attractive face, using for the most dark places 5B. I add volume to those sites of a muzzle where it is required.

We draw wool on a muzzle of a dog

I study a mouth. Here it is very important to watch tone change because volume depends only on it. I put shading smoothly, trying that it was not visible separate strokes. I study language by analogy with a nose, over smooth tone having set points and turbinal strokes.

How to draw a mouth at a dog

Pencil 5H I plan the direction of wool on a neck and a chin. Turn attention that on an initial photo the dog has a certain similarity of a small beard. Therefore it is very important to show it and at work. Diagonal strokes have to look located above vertical on a neck therefore try that they were not crossed. Though at this stage it is not terrible.
Accurately I shade the falling-down hair in a shadow. Here it is worth paying attention only to curls and tone, well and to the direction of hair, of course. Remember, what the even ideally set and brushed hair will not lie in parallel. And here it is meant that hair flutter on a wind and therefore the separate lines representing the beaten-out hairs will be very opportunely.

How to draw long wool at dogs a pencil

I trace a distant dark ear. Here I work also gradually: at first I plan the direction of wool a firm pencil, then I determine by softer separate locks and hairs and at last I shade finally. In the most dark sites I use 7B, for easy blackout – 2B.

How to draw long wool

I work on a small beard. I use pencils of TM and 2B. For a portrayal I carry out long strokes in the direction of growth of hair. Also it is worth planning separate locks as hairs do not lie smoothly. And at each lock it is worth planning a shadow. Also notice that lines not on all length of uniform tone. They are curved that is, different sites will be lit differently. Leaving for an ear, hair become more dark, and near a jaw shine and therefore will have lighter tone.

Afghan borzoi drawing lessons pencil

I study long wool on a neck and shoulders. I work with firm pencils, only if necessary adding softer. It is important to watch that separate locks did not leave too parallel and symmetric as it turned out at me on a neck.

We draw Avhan a dogWe draw wool at the Afghan borzoi

At study of locks on the top I use only 5H and sometimes 2H. Accurately I plan a separate lock, I shade a shadow from it. On edge of a contour I add separate hairs. I watch the direction of wool. Turn attention, what even in the lightest sites I put thin strokes that there was no blank space.

How to draw the Afghan borzoi step by stepHow to draw the Afghan borzoi with a pencil

How to draw the Afghan borzoi a pencil step by step

I study the second ear by analogy with the first. Work is ready.

How to draw the Afghan borzoi with a pencil step by step

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