Anatomy of a thorax, backbone, muscle of a back, humeral belt

Anatomy of a thorax, backbone, muscle of a back, humeral belt

Competition on the one hand can seem very simple, with another difficult. It is necessary to think up the character for children any animal (animals include not only animals, but also insects, fishes, sea inhabitants, rodents, birds etc.). The character has to be simple in a narisovaniye and nice. I.e. everything has to be simple, but it is pleasant, for example, as my characters, not obligatory to paint. Some say that it is nonsense, they simply do not want even to take the first step to become true artists. It is necessary not only be able to draw, it is necessary to be able and think out, develop the imagination.

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What will be a prize?
Who will receive the first place, I will make a lesson of his character and I will fix this lesson on the main page before the following competition, i.e. it will always hang in the top as it is a subject about competition. As it is the main page of the site, generally all watch it, now visits a few people near 600-800chet. in day, but nevertheless. Other places can be 2,3 there will be also the subsequent, will look, I too will make lessons. I will make the separate section Lessons of visitors, and also these lessons will be scattered on subjects. There we will deal with you personally to write your name or a nickname, or not to write at all, or to write that the girl or the boy 9let drew (it I will precisely write).

To load own works (the drawings which only are thought up, which are not copied) into group in Contact in the folder "1 Competition. Animals for children", drawings have to be signed "for .ru". To load only there, on a wall publish everything that want, there I will not rummage. I will watch drawings on competition only in this folder.
It is necessary to draw an animal for children, it should not frighten them, should not be terrible, should not be realistic, and has to be very simple and pleasant.

If you never thought out nothing, at you straight off maybe it to turn out nothing. Help. Can take the character which to be pleasant to you or a little, and to take from him the main lines and to finish others, or to combine some characters. Draw only that is pleasant to you and spread that consider successful, it is most right way to achieve success.

competitions on drawingThis competition not only for children, but also for much senior because not so that is easy to think out something, it it is necessary to develop. To copy one (even if you very well draw), and to create and create absolutely another.