How to draw friendship with a pencil step by step

How to draw friendship with a pencil step by step

I chose a loving couple which to hold hands as object of interpretation of friendship. You tell, same love! It not friendship! But for me the love includes friendship. If we love, have to trust each other mutually, should not proceed jealousy in an occasion and without cause. Have to share everything both pleasure, and sorrow, and thoughts. And also discontent, claims that further it did not collect and that the person excluded this behavior, or I understood that I am not right that there were no questions about it any more. I should not take offense, and he should not take offense on long, it is possible only for small time. All this is so thin, and each person has to understand, pass only through himself, differently will understand nothing. The love for me — is boundless friendship + if to you more 18let, the sexual relations (as without them though … it is possible and without them). If someone changes you, it means simply egoistically treats you as to a beautiful doll who can be shown and that his friends envied it, no more, though can speak to you anything.

This my opinion, it does not mean that it has to coincide with your opinion, at everyone the truth, the head, and everyone has the right to dispose only of the life. This purely philosophical preface to our lesson. And now let's start drawing. Here original.


Draw schematically the man's hand, a brush in the form of a square, part of fingers in the form of a curve rectangle.

We learn to draw a hand

Draw a shape of a hand of the man and woman (the girl and the guy), also differentiate straight lines fingers.

How to draw a hand in a hand with a pencil step by step

Draw male fingers.

How to draw love

Now the female.

How to draw the girl and the guy who hold hands

Draw nails, stones.

How to draw friendship between two people

And to give the form, impose a few shadows.

How to draw friendship with a pencil step by step

Look still a firebird, a kitten, the kid, a child's face.