How to draw the Dragon of Earth with a pencil

How to draw the Dragon of Earth with a pencil

Dragon of Earth — the strongest of all, the biggest and the heaviest. The most part of weight is occupied by muscles and armor, it is not clear as it in general can fly. Wings at it, of course, not small, but nevertheless. A little head, with the twirled horns, a horn on a nose, big lower canines — generally some dinosaur. Feet strong, thighs big, goes hard similar to stupnyama hoofs. On drawings the head topped with an arsenal rozhek and to a reservation, also a small beard in addition, the tail "weight" similar to a spear are shown, is shown how to draw a thorn on a back and "hoof" in front and to a zbok. Dragons of Earth — incredibly wise beings, they well know secret magic of a subsoil of the earth and can operate it. Cause earthquakes and vyverzheniye of volcanoes by means of a dragon of Fire, a drought and tornadoes by means of Air and a flood with the help of Water. Apparently — forces at them huge.

Features of a dragon of the earth
On the picture the main problem places of a wing are shown when drawing below, namely:
1) elbow joint;
2) a joint on fingers;
3) a finger-tip together with a thorn;
4) as if "brushes" covered a joint where all fingers stykatsya.

How to draw a wing of a dragon

Now let's draw a dragon of Earth entirely.
1) besides a firm pencil we plan a dragon arrangement. (in my drawing a mistake — strongly little head). Drawings increase when pressing.

We draw a dragon of the earth

2) We lead round a contour of a muscle of a dragon, his wings, the head, hoofs and a tail.

We draw a dragon of the earth

3) We start developing a dragon, giving him volume by means of shadows. We add a pattern in the form of specks.

We draw a dragon

4) Dorisovyvayem wings and a tail, we do not forget about thorns on a tail and a back. For a background I chose a fern — in my opinion this the best. The dragon of Earth is drawn.

How to draw the Dragon of Earth with a pencil

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