How to draw the Dragon of Air with a pencil

How to draw the Dragon of Air with a pencil

Fast, tireless and incredibly quiet. He will never offend nobody and will not touch, never hunts and in general seldom eats meat. Unless acquaintances will treat)). And he is on friendly terms with all, but infrequently happens in someone's society. The dragon of Air is curious also very clever, likes to draw, play musical instruments, to write fantastic books. Loves children – after all not to compare enthusiastic faces of the kids looking at a beautiful dragon with huge wings who softly falls to a close court yard of a kindergarten to anything. By a quiet, equal voice he speaks with them, tells them about the different worlds, about tropical countries, about the cold seas and oceans, about everything on light. Children at once instead of with squeal to escape from its friendly, almost native voice out of harm's way, sit down and attentively listen. And then, having finished the story, he gets up, does a strong wave by wings and with a rustle departs, very happy with himself.
The dragon of Air is valid to operate a wind. Also it is not necessary to anger him – if you after all manage to anger him (and it very much and very difficult) – take care. It will not touch you, but there is one but. It will simply fill with a hurricane, a tornado or even a tornado on your site. But, generally, it silent and silent.
The air dragon has a long muzzle, on it some thorns and "ears". The body extended pads the small (especially forward). Claws on pads small, are similar more to nails. The tail weight webby, and a tail very long and constantly coils. And with wings the separate subject – at it is not wings, but Wings, from capital letter. The Krylishch can be told. With their help it since the birth very well and beautifully flies. On wings there are big claws with which it sometimes breaks fruit from trees, sometimes clings.

Features of a dragon of air

Now let's draw a dragon of Air entirely. Press on images for increase.
1) We plan huge wings, position of paws, a tail, the head and top of a wall to which it will cling.

We draw a dragon of air

2) By a contour it is led round the dragon and a brick wall, we do not forget about prospect. In the beginning plan top and a bottom, then a descent point, horizontal lines on a wall and alternately vertical.

We draw a dragon of air

3) We start drawing shadows both on a dragon, and on a wall. Especially pay attention to wings – construct shadows correctly!

How to draw a dragon of air

4) We develop a background. Attentively look at creation of branches. We add cracks on a wall, we impose shadows. We create dynamics, depth, as if showing that the dragon is in meters of five over the earth.

How to draw the Dragon of Air with a pencil

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