How to draw the Dragon of Water with a pencil

How to draw the Dragon of Water with a pencil

The dragon of water has usual to a drakonye the head twined webby horns, narrow wings and webby paws, flat cartilaginous "weight" (a tail tip) and a fin on a back. Is able to fly, the truth badly, and to float in the native elements. Any spontaneous dragon cannot operate forces without the aid of others. Generally to become another Air. By means of it the dragon of Water can do improbable force storm, and by means of Earth and Fire — a tsunami, floods and fast whirlpools.
To draw it unlike others as easy as shelling pears. In drawing the head, and on the head — the small horns curved a little sideways, webby "wings" which fasten to jaws, the top canines, vyzirayushchy of a mouth is shown. A form of scales on a stomach generally oval and convex, their surface as if varnished. On a back there is a fin which is the thin long thorns fitted by a membrane. He helps our dragon to swim. Also in drawing tail "weight", too flat and an oval form and a paw is shown.

Features of a dragon of water

 1. Light lines to plan position of a dragon, his head, wings, paws and a tail. Images increase.

Drawing of a dragon of water

2. Turn our sketch into planimetric drawing, obvyov thus the opened mouth, claws and the rock on which our dragon sits.

Drawing of a dragon of water

3. We start shading a dragon of water, thus on wings and the head we impose patterns. Light source on the right from above.

How to draw the American dragon

4. Dorisovyvayem patterns on wings, we do shading, we draw the rock and a grass.How to draw a dragon of water

Here we also drew one of spontaneous dragons — the Dragon of Water.

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