How to draw the Samurai's girl

How to draw the Samurai's girl

How to draw the Samurai's girl

Let's begin with creation of a body. Let's outline the head, a torso, we will draw a skeleton of hands and feet, we will note the main joints.

Creation of a body of the person

Slightly we will draw shapes of a body and an umbrella.

We learn to draw the person

Let's trace spokes at an umbrella, hair, a face, a sleeve, a skirt, hands, shoes.

How to draw the girl with a pencil step by step

Let's guide the main lines, we will add details.

How to draw the girl step by step

Erase all auxiliary and unnecessary lines that there was a ready drawing of the girl.

How to draw the girl

If you want, it can be painted in color. If you draw colored pencils, gouache or a water color, and also a pastel, felt-tip pens, leave untouched the girl and an umbrella since then it will be heavy to put the correct color, without having mixed with a background. In this case, the background is made completely since drawing is had no trouble in doing on the computer and then it is possible to put from above the necessary color.

How to draw the girl in a photoshop

Decorate the girl and an umbrella.

Coloring in a photoshop

Put shadows and drawing is ready.

How to draw the Samurai

Author: Syoma Pomytkin his page of VK