How to draw the girl the magician

How to draw the girl the magician

How to draw the girl the magician

Step 1. We draw a circle and we divide it straight lines, then we draw a contour of eyes and a nose.

how to draw the person

Step 2. We draw eyes, a mouth and a face contour at the girl.

How to draw a girl's face

Step 3. Now we will draw teeth, the line of a chin, we detail a nose, we draw hair which are on a face, eyebrows and an ear.

How to draw the magician's girl

Step 4. We draw hair, ear rings and a neck.

How to draw the girl step by step

Step 5. Dorisovyvayem hair, we draw a collar from a jacket.

How to draw the girl with a pencil

Step 6. The girl Nina holds in one hand a magic sphere, in other staff (?), we draw schematically an arrangement of hands and brushes, objects have to be the real size.

How to draw the girl's body

Step 7. We draw a jacket and hands at Nina.

How to draw a jacket

Step 8. We detail clothes.

How to draw clothes folds

Step 9. Erase all unnecessary lines and we detail attributes at the girl. In a sphere we draw the center in the form of a circle from which charges depart.

How to draw attributes of the magician

Step 10. Ready option of the girl of the magician.

How to draw the girl the magician