How to draw the child step by step

How to draw the child step by step

How to draw children. Face proportions at children.

To draw a child's face it is necessary to know the certain principles of a structure other than adults. A proportion — this attitude of one component of the drawing towards another. Having used the correct reference points, portraits of children look, how children, but not as mini-adults. For this purpose you have to know two main conditions. It belongs to the lower part of the human head called by the person or area of the person and to brain department of a skull in the top part of the head called by a cranium.

In the first drawing below, you can see clearly how the child's face is in a proportion with a skull. Pay attention to lines which visually separate the head on sections (as pieces of pie). Except for cervical area, the head is divided into four and a half segments. The child's face occupies only one section, and the cranium occupies all other shapes of the head (the form belongs to an external contour). Thus, the cranium of the child more than is three times more, than his face.

The most widespread error of beginners, trying to draw the child's portrait, to make the person too big in comparison to the skull size. Further it is necessary to emphasize, how in proportion the tiny face of the child is in compare a cranium in the person of the adult's head. The head of the adult shares on three parts (excepting cervical department). The person is in one part, and a cranium in two others. The cranium of the adult is twice more than front department.

Proportions of the head of the child

Face of children happen various forms and the sizes, but creation of the majority are identical. How to draw portraits of children so that to receive realistic display of their tiny persons actually. Scheme of the size of the person, head proportion. It also is key for the correct drawing of portraits of children.

Below in drawing it is visible that the child's head including his ears, is located in a circle. The shape of the head similar to egg, but is much shorter. Notice that the tiny person is below the horizontal line of the middle of a circle. In a profile (side view), only a chin and tiny parts of an upper lip leave because of a circle.

Child's face drawing

Next time, when you will draw the child, you will need time attentively to study the head and proportional features. First of all, to take into account, the relation of a small face in comparison with the cranium sizes, and also arrangements of eyes, a nose, a mouth and ears.

Let's note also, a tiny neck of the baby in comparison with the head size. It is not necessary to be surprised why small children cannot hold their head in itself! Look attentively at the drawing of a profile of the child in drawing. Pay attention to five horizontal lines:
AB is in the middle between the top part of the head and a chin.
CD is in the middle between AD and EF.
EF is in the middle between AB and IJ.
GH is in the middle between EF and IJ.
IJ is located in the lower part of a bone in a chin (the lower jaw), but not in the lower part of soft fabric under a chin. At babies usually there is that usually call "a double chin".

Child's face, main proportions

Remember location of parts of the face of the child in relation to five lines:
Eyebrows: are on the AB line.
Eyes: are between the AB and CD lines.
Nose: is between the CD and EF lines.
Mouth: is between the EF and GH lines.
Chin: IJ line straight line.
We got acquainted with the basic principles of drawing of children.

Now we will look how to draw a face (portrait) of the child step by step.

Give together with me you join cheerful exercise where you draw a face of the baby in proportion to the head size. Find paper for drawing, let the sharpener will point your pencil and find a ruler!

1) Draw a square and divide it into four equal parts. The size of your square will determine the size of the head of the child. I have it very tiny 5 by 5 inches (12,7sm), but you can make your square more. Four smaller squares will help you to create exact proportions when drawing a child's face and head.

2) Draw a circle in the lower left square to show the child's face size. Bad news that any lesson cannot teach you to draw a circle. Good news is that practice is the great teacher. In other words, you to learn to draw independently a circle by hand, the more to practice, the better. Some useful tips include:

- to turn paper and to look at your drawing from the different points of view. This small cunning often allows to see problem areas;

- to look at reflection of your circle in a mirror to help you to see areas, needing fixing.

We differentiate a leaf

3) Draw a big circle in an initial square for representation of the size of the head of the child. The purpose consists in drawing a child's face profile in a proportion to the size of his or her head. When you see that the size of the person is presented in the form of a small circle, and the head as a big circle, you can be very surprised by what face of the baby actually!

We differentiate a leaf

4) Draw a shape of a face in a narrow circle.

5) Draw curved lines of the head of the child.

6) Draw an ear contour in right lower to a square.

We draw a face contour of the child

7) Draw eyes, a nose and a mouth, and to add details to an ear.

We trace the main features of the child

8) Erase all your drawing a soft elastic band until lines of the sketch are hardly visible.

9) Erase outlines of squares and circles.

10) Draw hardly considerably hair, having erased part of a face contour and a neck. Be patient! Do homework of stages, have a rest, you should not be overloaded! Be constantly verified with my drawing, correct fine details and modify proportions.

How to draw children

Zateneny persons and hair.

It is necessary to shade (to do shading) portraits of children soft tones and without too big contrast. It helps to keep a gentle look with their persons. Zateneniye means to put different shades gray which allow drawing to seem three-dimensional. Contrast measures distinction degree between light and dark tones, and creates illusion of three-dimensional space on a leaf. Tone are created when you draw a pencil strokes, thus change density between lines, pressure upon a pencil and use different softness pencils.

11) Add shading on a child's face, thus using various tone.

Children how to draw a pencil

12) Add a zateneniye for eyes, a nose and a mouth. The most dark tone has an eye pupil. A pupil — a dark circle in an iris of the eye. An iris of the eye — a big circular shape of eyes which changes in color from very light to the very dark. Do not forget to leave a white spot (patch of light) that an eye looked brilliant. A highlight is tiny bright a place where light is reflected from a brilliant surface of an eye.

How to draw a child's face with a pencil

13) Darken area of the person and neck by means of a pencil 2B. Child's forms heads, tiny in comparison with the size. Do shading of areas of the person which practically do not receive light.

How to draw the child with a pencil step by step

14) Use shtrikhovany NV and 2B pencils to add a zateneniye to an ear.

How to draw an ear

15) Add a zateneniye to hair, using HB and 2B pencils. See two images below. Soft parts of hair it is drawn, as short curved lines. Pay attention on tone of hair.

How to draw hair at the childHow to draw hair at children a pencil

See below, the portrait of a profile of a child's face is complete, and you can make any changes if you wish. As you see, the head of the child is really three times more, than his nice face.

How to draw children. How to draw a child's face.

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