How to draw paratroopers on parachutes with a pencil step by step

How to draw paratroopers on parachutes with a pencil step by step

Here image.

 Landing of troops

This work :) is drawn in a usual sketchbook and scanned therefore colors are played waves. First of all it is necessary to outline the plane and parachutes. At first draw directing on length of the plane and wings as we did it in a lesson of drawing of the military War Thunder plane. Then we define location of caps of a parachute and we do a sketch Il-76. Draw paratroopers. The paratrooper who draw above on the right, watch an original photo, I was distracted for about 20 minutes and for some reason I corrected it then though it was at me where it is necessary. Well, blunted. Noticed when started writing the text.

We press on the picture that it became more.How to draw the plane with parachutists

We trace a parachute and the plane in more detail, use a ruler exactly to draw wings and a tail.

How to draw paratroopers on parachutes

Dorisovyvayem a parachute, we start working with shadows. Use the softest pencil which you have to create blackness, at me it was 6B. A pencil 2B make shading of light sites at the edges.

How to draw the Il-76 plane

Using a soft pencil, create gradient shading, thus regulate pressing a pencil, do strokes close to each other, and for creation of more dark tones, can walk from above once again. Let's shade a parachute a firm pencil, I used 4H. Here we especially should not try, we use a usual zigzag from below and from above for giving of a form.

How to draw the paratrooper with a pencil step by step

We do shading on the second parachute, a wing, a tail and a nose at the plane. We trace paratroopers.

How to draw a vybraska, desantirovaniyedesantnik on parachutes from silt 76

Now draw strings with a pencil 4H on which the parachutist keeps. And I still nakalyaka simply lines. Here we drew disembarkation of paratroopers about silt-76. Though, a body which seems to me a corpse on the right, or he was killed by a "fighting bullet". And in general, the plane as though does not fly, and falls, and it at all not paratroopers, but pilots who dumped from the plane. At the left the soldier has a pose speaking "The brother, we made them", and the corresponding sign, and to that on the right already all the same, it did in trousers. Also it is any Himalayas, and in the bottom of a cloud, this they got. Something the imagination at me was played, as if everything, drew.

How to draw paratroopers on parachutes

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