How to draw a tree step by step

How to draw a tree step by step

Let's assume that you mastered equipment, now we will pass directly to a lesson. This invented tree, in this lesson the main thing of the technician, but not a tree. Can take a tree from a photo and draw it. The error of the tree beginning when drawing — it to draw only lateral branches, forgetting about branches which grow in front of and behind a tree.

Step 1. We draw lines office of a tree and the hill, now draw contours of branches which are behind. We press on the picture for increase.

Sketch of a tree

Step 2. Now we draw branches which are located a tree on each side.

We draw tree branches

Step 3. In the bottom of drawing we trace a grass, we supplement with different lines.

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Step 4. We draw branches which are in front. When drawing erase lines which are in the drawn branches, whether then you define correctly you drew sections at a tree if you incidentally erased the necessary branches more precisely, draw them again.

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Step 5. Take a pencil of NV and add a background to branches behind, having used a shtrikhovaniye method round curls.

How to draw a tree

Step 6. Light on a tree falls from above at the left therefore when drawing a tree trunk the left part has to be lighter than the right. Here we use NV pencils, 2B and 4B. We will draw a tree trunk the extended oval ringlets, thus doing transitions of tones. (If you did not look at equipment of curls, specified at the beginning to article, look, it will help you when drawing a tree trunk).

How to draw a tree trunk

Step 7. Now we will start drawing of average branches NV pencil, thus curls it is done more spacious. Attentively approach this step, having studied the necessary branches.

How to draw a tree with a pencil

Step 8. We take a pencil 2B and we add dark tone curls at average branches on the right in the lower areas of branches. We do tone very dark in connections between a trunk and branches.

How to draw a tree with a pencil step by step

Step 9. A pencil 2B we add on forward branches of a shadow from below.

How to draw a tree with a pencil step by step

Step 10. By a pencil of NV it is added on contours of forward branches of a curl. Now trace the rock and a grass. Look at drawing and correct areas with which you are not happy to make light sites use an eraser that the dark — put additional curls. After that sign the work, put date and go to have a rest.

How to draw a tree step by step

Author: Brenda Hoddinot, site (source)