How to draw a tree in the fall

How to draw a tree in the fall

How to draw a fir-tree
Step 1. We draw a tree trunk and area of a grass NV pencil. The trunk is drawn by the extended oval curls.

How to draw a tree trunk
Step 2. We draw tree branches. We draw branches which are behind small curls and lighter, they it is less by the size, than others. Lateral branches it is drawn by more curls more darkly, and strongly we press forward branches on a pencil to allocate them and it is done the biggest curls of all.

How to draw branches of treesHow to draw a fir-tree
Now we draw a grass oval curls of atop already available.

How to draw a grass
Step 3. We take a pencil 2B and we darken tree trunk sites at the left (light at us falls from the top right corner) and we do blackout by ringlets at forward branches from below. Also we do shadows in junctions of branches with a trunk.

How to draw a tree with a pencil
We add shadows to a grass.

How to draw a grass for beginners
Step 4. We watch ready option, we correct that not to be pleasant to you, we append the signature, date and we have a rest. It is technology of drawing we demand practice, the more you practice, the it will be better to turn out at you.

How to draw a tree with a pencil for beginners

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