We draw the person a pencil for beginners

We draw the person a pencil for beginners

Let's take model. On drawing of anatomy for artists naked forms, it for this purpose are shown in all textbooks to study completely human anatomy, in it anything of that kind shameful is not present. If you decided to learn to draw the person, you unambiguously should work with naked bodies, to do sketches of bodies from nature or there is video of models, prepare. As there is a lot of on the site of children, we will take model in a bathing suit.

To start drawing it is necessary to know proportions of the person, there are average proportions which else removed in antiquity. As a unit of measure length the head acts and height of a body makes 7-8 heads. And actually people very different and every time to calculate proportions very much is not comfortable therefore you have to "fill" an eye when drawing a body with a photo, or from the living person. We will not climb in it as there are separate lessons yet, I will give the whole lectures on human anatomy, references below.

Let's simply try draw a body of the person, in this case the girl. I measured height of the head and postponed 7 same pieces down. Its growth turns out nearly 8 heads. Pay attention where there are shoulders, a breast, elbows, a waist, a pubis, the end of hands, a knee, foot.

We draw the person a pencil step by step

To draw business of the girl present her skeleton, by the way the skeleton too will need to be studied, but it is not strongly detailed, at least the main details. And simply to represent it lines which would show a pose in which there is a girl. At first so far you study, always try to represent this simple shape of a body. Can seem to you that it is nonsense, but this stage already we have to track the main proportions, at you can be so that hands will come to an end above a basin or a foot very short, or the long trunk — it is not correct.

1. Draw the head with an oval, the horizontal line we show an arrangement of eyes, and vertical — the middle of the head. Measure a ruler length of the head and postpone 7 more such pieces down. Now being guided by drawing, draw a so-called skeleton of a body. Width of shoulders is equal to width of two heads, at men - three.

2. Now simply draw a thorax, area of a basin, a hand and foot, by circles it is shown flexible joints.

3. Erase initial lines and make very light lines which you drew in a step 2, simply walk an eraser on them. Now we draw a clavicle, a neck, shoulders, a breast, we connect lines a thorax and an ace on each side, we remove lines of feet and hands. Try to repeat all bends, they are formed by muscles. I.e. to learn to draw a body of the person you need to know anatomy, a skeleton and an arrangement of muscles and as muscles and bones behave at the different movements, poses.

We draw the person a pencil for beginners

4. We erase lines unnecessary us, we draw a bathing suit. Here it is so possible to draw correctly by means of such simple constructions a body of the person for beginners.

We draw the person a pencil step by step to the utmost

Let's try practise still, only we will take a pose another, the girl on the middle.

Models referens for drawing

Click on the image in more detail to make out a photo

So, we begin also with creation of simple lines and forms, pay to this point due attention, do not hurry. The first time you can bring a pencil to the screen and watch the direction, a bias of lines, and then approximately also to draw on paper. The distance from a sock to a pubis (a pubic bone) and from it to head top, has to be approximately identical, different deviations since people different, but strong contrasts should not be are allowed. We draw.

How to draw the person for beginners

Now we try to give a shape of a body, besides I will repeat to understand why there are such bends, you have to study human anatomy, both bones, and muscles can act.

We draw a pencil of the person for beginners

Lessons of anatomy in Russian:

1. Fundamentals of anatomy a master class (bases and an example of drawing from nature)

2. Torso anatomy (bones and muscles)

3. Anatomy of hands and feet (bone and muscle)

Also you need to study how to draw separate parts of a body:

1. Eye

2. Nose

3. Mouth

It is more than lessons in the section "How to draw the person ".

Portraits in the section "How to draw portraits of people ".