Prospect in drawing

Prospect in drawing

Prospect in drawing

but when we get up on the middle of an iron way, a human eye sees other picture, in the distance rails meet. So we also have to draw prospect in drawing.

Prospect in drawing

Here our graphic representation. The point where rails meet is directly before us, this point call a descent point. The point of a descent is on the line of the horizon, the line of the horizon — is the level of our eyes. If our eyes are exactly where a cross tie, we would see only one party of a cross tie and all.

prospect bases in drawing

Prospect bases in drawing

This creation of prospect by means of one point and one party of object is directly before us. So we can represent different figures. In the first case we see without distortions a rectangle, in the second — a square. We draw the size of length of the subject approximately from own supervision in the area of beams. In the first case there can be a book or other subject, in the second — a rectangular parallelepiped (a rectangle in volume). To find the invisible party, it is necessary to carry out beams from a descent point to bottom corners of a square, then to lower straight lines from far corners down and points of intersection to connect a straight line. And the lower sides will go on the drawn beams.

Prospect in drawing

To draw the cylinder in the long term, at first it is necessary to find the middle of the basis, for this purpose we from a corner to a corner draw straight lines and we build a circle. We connect lines and we erase invisible part.

Cylinder in the long term

So, below on drawing the objects directed by one party directly to us i.e. without distortions are shown. We show the top image when we look upward, on the middle — directly and the last (in to a bottom) — the look falls down. We remember that we measure the distorted parties which go strictly on beams by eye.

Linear prospect in drawing

For example, so we can represent houses or other subjects which are sideways.

linear prospect in drawing

It we considered creation of prospect in drawing when one party is not distorted and as to us to be if the object to us costs under an edge under different corners. Creation of prospect with two points of a descent is for this purpose used.

Look, the square — is prospect without distortions, but on the third example the option an arrangement by his edge strictly in the middle is shown. We randomly determine square height, we measure far away identical pieces, it will be points of a descent And and Century. From these points we draw straight lines by the end our line. Watch a corner it has to be formed stupid, i.e. it is more 90gradusov if it 90 or less, remove further a descent point. Width of the distorted parties is measured by eye by supervision and figurative perception.

linear prospect in drawing

Here still examples where, for example, the building is under a different foreshortening. It we considered prospect in drawing if we look directly.

Prospect in drawing

And if we look a little down, we will have a few other picture. We have to set height of a square and point of a descent And and In, I will have them is at identical distance from a subject. We draw beams from these points to top and a bottom of the line. Besides we measure width of the distorted parties by eye and they go on a beam. To complete a cube, we need to draw still additional lines from descent points to the left and right top corners of a cube. Then to allocate  a figure which was formed in the course, it will be cube top.

Cube prospect

Now look how to draw a rectangle in volume under another aspect. Principle of construction same.

prospect in drawing lessons

Prospect in drawing when you watch top at object. The principle of drawing is identical, described earlier.

Prospect in drawing

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