Linear prospect

Linear prospect

1. That means linear prospects

2. Construction bases

bases of linear prospect in drawing

3. Creation of prospect with one and two points.

Linear prospect in drawingLinear prospect

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So, we have the line of the horizon, a column And and a column In, the column And is much higher. But actually they on length are identical, we so see them because of prospect. As to us to find the middle in this drawing. You can think, that it is simple, divide distance between columns in half. No, it not the correct answer.

Linear prospect

At first we need to draw a straight line which passes on tops of straight lines to a descent point since it it is far possible not to draw it (I have a descent point). To find the middle in this drawing it is necessary to draw straight lines from top of one column to a bottom of other column. The point of intersection will also be a point of the middle of a column With which is on the middle of two available. We draw a vertical straight line to the top line.

Linear prospect

To find the middle between a column And and a column With, it is necessary to do the same actions and we receive a column of D which is between them. Here it is so possible to draw at identical distance from each other subjects in linear prospect.

Linear prospect in drawing

There is one more way to draw object of identical height at identical distance from each other in the long term. For this purpose we have to draw the median line. For this purpose we halve height of the first column, we find the middle it and from this point we draw a straight line to a descent point. Whether now we will check correctly we drew. To draw in linear prospect the following object of the same height at the same distance it is necessary to draw a straight line from top of one column through the middle of the second. The point of intersection with the second beam from a descent point (in this case it coincides with the line of the horizon) and is the following column. Everything is right, we have a column there. So, to draw the third column, at us two columns have to be at least drawn. And so further we draw indefinitely, yet we will not bury in a descent point.

Fence, columns in the long term

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