How to draw a spaniel colored pencils

How to draw a spaniel colored pencils

How to draw a spaniel

As usual, at first we do a sketch and we begin with an eye. I take colors — light-and darkly brown, pink, black and white, for wool round eyes - orange dark, light-brown, darkly brown and black (for wool color will not change).

How to draw a spaniel cocker step by step

The increased fragment.

How to draw an eye of a dog

Now we pass to a nose. One small secret: we shade a nose not with direct strokes, but circular (if it is possible to call it a stroke), it turns out very structurally, we use colors dark and light-brown, black. At once we trace wool round a nose, but we do not forget to do strokes absolutely small, wool on a nose the absolutely short!

How to draw a nose of a dog

About a background - at once planned it a pastel - dark, light green, brown in the flowers.
We continue to work with a nose, we trace wool round it and gradually we move ahead to eyes.

How to draw a spaniel cocker step by step

I did not paint over white wool, left, only slightly diluted orange and brown in the flowers. Addition as I draw wool. Always I draw sites, once tried completely, at first to make in the lightest color, but anything acceptable did not leave therefore I do a sketch as it is possible more precisely, always at first on a sketch thin lines I designate growth of hair not to get confused, and also at once I plan sites from wool, different in color. Now: than layers always on a miscellaneous, sometimes in some places, for example, where it has to be lighter, only one layer remains and where we increase color, happens and on three, I do four layers but that they well laid down, strokes at distance from each other (somewhere 1mm), then the next color (too it is not dense) lays down much better, and so gradually I impose colors I will not achieve the necessary color yet.

Drawing lesson colored pencils. Cocker spaniel

Reached a mouth, here already we take black, darkly brown, claret, violet, for language — pink, lilac, darkly brown, black.

How to draw a mouth of a dog

How to draw a mouth of a dog

Now we pass completely to wool, as usual, at first the lightest (orange), then more dark, well and in the conclusion we apply darkly brown and black here and there.

How to draw a spaniel

Now ears, wool for them long therefore strokes it is done long, planning each ringlet in advance.

How to draw an ear of a dog

We work on ears from both parties.

how to draw a dog a spaniel

We do a breast, colors remain the same.

How to draw a chin of a dog

We do not forget about a grass, we draw in detail at first it, and then already we complete wool.

Grass colored pencils

Well here in principle it is also ready, it was necessary only to earn additionally a background, and it is ready.

How to draw a spaniel

I hope your doggies will be much better than mine, I wish success!!!!
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