How to draw smesharik (Crumbling, Barasha and Pandi)

How to draw smesharik (Crumbling, Barasha and Pandi)

How to draw smesharik how to draw crumbling how to draw a barash how to draw to a panda

How to draw Crumbling.
Krosh — is a rabbit, which very cheerful and temperamental. Krosh always has the opinion, likes to interrupt others, does not despond and experiments. He often blinks eyes.

Step 1. At first we draw a circle and two directing straight lines (it is possible and without them). Then in the middle we draw two huge eyes with pupils (one eye a little more than another), a small nose, a mouth, teeth, eyebrows. We look at the picture, we press it. Then we draw ears and paws Crumbling. Crumbling one ear above, than another. Paws should not be the copy of other paw, they differ a little since his body is turned aside, for this purpose we also drew two lines which defined the direction of a body Crumbling.

How to draw Crumbling

Step 2. We lead round our main character of series Smeshariki — Crumbling fat lines and we paint.

How to draw Crumbling from smesharik

How to draw Barash.
Barash — this reduction from a lamb. He is very sensitive, likes to dream and compose verses. Barash very creative person therefore he is not interested in household problems, in particular cleaning of the apartment. It has one feature — he is a sleepwalker.

Step 1. We draw a circle and two lines. Then we draw two eyes looking up. His look expresses long thought process. We draw a nose, a mouth, brows. Then, as it at us a ram, round a circle (a body basis) we draw in detail ringlets.  Drawing a horn and hoofs in very primitive form will be the following stage.

How to draw Barash

Step 2. When all drew is erased by a sterochka unnecessary elements (a circle and lines), then we lead round contours the fat line, we paint over hoofs and horns. Everything, our Barash is ready.

How to draw Barash from smesharik

How to draw Pandi.
To panda. Two previous characters were a masculine gender, and to a panda is a girl, the little girl naive and innocent. As well as to all small children, everything is interesting to it, it has no restrictions and therefore constantly plays pranks.

Step 1. We draw a circle (it will be Pandi's body) and two auxiliary lines. We draw eyes, a mouth and a nose. Then round eyes we lead round the line as in drawing, and in the bottom of a body too, we paint over them. After that we draw pads.

How to draw Pandi

Step 2. We clean two straight lines a rubber, is more exact that from them remained. We paint over pads in black color. Here also resolved an issue: How to draw Pandi from Smesharikov.

How to draw Pandi from SmesharikovTo draw Nyusha press here.