How to draw a portrait a pencil

How to draw a portrait a pencil

We will draw a portrait of the actress Audrey Hepbyorn from the legendary movie "Breakfast at Tiffany" (1961). For a lesson we will need pencils In, 3B and 6B, an eraser, Canson Marfil paper.

Audrey Hepbyorn

That well drawn portrait turned out, it is necessary to draw the good sketch, first of all. For this purpose we have to display correctly all details of the person and a proportion to achieve similarity to a photo. Only this way we will achieve the best result. If we make the bad sketch, there will be a high probability of that our portrait not to turn out. Put approximate lines that it was easier to draw the sketch.

Audrey Hepbyorn

We do a sketch by a pencil In, trying not to press strongly on a pencil. We start drawing with the left eye, if you the right-handed person (if the lefthander, with right).

How to draw eyes

We draw other features, constantly comparing to the original and trying to keep proportions. Try to erase less an eraser because paper is soiled and spoils.

We draw the sketch of a portrait

Similarity of the sketch not really big, but we see that the main lines and proportions are transferred correctly. After finish the sketch, have a little a rest and look at it fresh eyes if everything suits you, we go further.

Step 1. We start drawing eyes. We start tracing an eye a pencil 3B, namely a pupil and eyelashes. An eye is drawn which to be at the left.

How to draw an eye pupil

Step 2. Look attentively at the top part of an eye, most up a pupil and an eyeball it is darkened since the eyelid always casts a shadow, and because of it an eye does not look flat. We draw eyelashes. At first draw the thick line, then add small strokes a pencil, imitating eyelashes. Make shadows from above of an eye, and also in an eye corner.

We draw eyelashes

Step 3. We trace the second eye, and also eyebrows. Then we start drawing a nose. We draw everything 3B a pencil if other is not specified. He starts drawing with nostrils, trying not to do them too big and increased that the nose did not look as at a pig. We put soft shadows on the right and in the bottom of a nose to give to a nose volume. Shadows have to be soft to transfer tone of the photo. We put shadows on a face on the right side.

how to draw a nose in a portrait

Step 4. We continue to shade a face, we put a shadow near by and slightly we allocate dredging over an upper lip. Very gently and softly apply a shadow on a cheek on the left side. Then we draw a mouth — it is a complex challenge, especially if it is open. Fortunately, at it teeth therefore it will be a little easier for us are hardly noticeable. First of all we draw area in a mouth, do not increase teeth when drawing. When drawing internal part of a mouth can use softer pencil to give a dark shade. Then we start tracing an upper lip, creating transitions of shadows.

How to draw a female portrait

Step 5. We draw a lower lip. At first we shade the top and lower area of a lower lip, so that the center was untouched, remained white. Then the separate strokes repeating a shape of a lip, we apply shadows on a lower lip, creating imitation of a patch of light.

How to draw lips with a pencil

Step 6. Apply a shadow on a chin.

How to draw a portrait of the person

Continuation to be in the following lesson. For transition press here.