How to draw Rariti's pony Iridescent force

How to draw Rariti's pony Iridescent force

how to draw Rariti's pony iridescent force

1. We draw a support for Rariti's face.

We draw

2. We draw eyes, an open muzzle, a horn, a uvula and a basis for a forward lock.

We draw Rariti

3. We draw part of a mane, forward hoofs.

We draw Rariti

4. We draw back hoofs and a tail.

We draw Rariti

5. We draw distributions on a mane and hoofs, and also kristallik, a kyyutimarka, the same crystals it is drawn and on hoofs.

We draw RaritiWe draw Rariti

6. Dorisovyvayem a hind leg and our Rariti is ready!

How to draw Rariti Iridescent force

Author of a lesson: Kubryakov's gold. Thank her for a lesson! It has still a lesson how to draw the Aria Bleyz.

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