How to draw pets of Vinks

How to draw pets of Vinks

How to draw pets of Vinks

Draw a shape of the squared head with the rounded corners, thus the top of the head is a little already a bottom. Very low on the middle we draw a small nose, further at the level a foot we draw a bottom of eyes, and eyes will be very big. Draw eyelashes, pupils, thus there will be many white spots — patches of light. Further we need to draw a muzzle, a mouth, eyebrows and ears.

How to draw pets of Vinks

We draw a body and feet of a bear.

How to draw pets of Vinks a pencil step by step

Draw forward pads, a tail and ornament on a neck.

How to draw pets of Vinks step by step

We erase unnecessary lines and still we need to show other coloring on a puzika and on back pads. Everything, one of pets of Vinks is ready.

How to draw the pet Vinks

The chicken will be the second pet Vinks. We draw the head of a duckling of a triangular form under an inclination with smooth transitions where there are corners. Farther represent the closed big eyes, the top part of a beak, then lower and a zakolochka on the head.How to draw pets of Vinks

Now draw a cop on the head, a back, forepaws, a tail and part of a hind leg. Here we drew drawings of pets of Vinks.

How to draw pets of Vinks

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