How to draw a horse colored pencils

How to draw a horse colored pencils

The author used a sheet of paper for sketches with a density sq.m, colored pencils of two types:

1. Soft art KOH-I-NOOR

2. Firm school Faber-Castell.

Also we need an eraser and a sharpener.

Here photo of a horse. Let's draw after it.

Horse, drawing lesson colored pencils
We do a sketch.

how to draw a horse of a photo

I start drawing with eyes, but you can it is necessary begin from where as it is pleasant to you!

how to draw a color horse

And approximate option of eyes.

How to draw eyes of a horse

Now we pass to wool round eyes, here I showed pencils which colors were used.
When start drawing six, first layers it is necessary to do without pressing on pencils, it is necessary in order that the subsequent layers well laid down.

how to draw a portrait of a horse with a pencil

I try to impose color from light to the dark - so too more convenient for layers and a saturation of color.

how to draw very beautiful horse

how to draw a horse big
Wool needs to be done by small strokes, it will accurately look and is more realistic.

pictures the beautiful horses drawn

For drawing of a white spot on a foot we will need complementary colors - violet, blue, gray, brown and black. And still, here I try to use firm pencils that there would be no strongly saturated color.

how to draw a muzzle of a horse with a pencil

We pass to nostrils. Here very short therefore strokes need to be done absolutely small and practically without pressing wool on a pencil.

how to draw a horse a portrait

how to draw a horse a portrait

Now again I pass to top of a muzzle and I do a forehead.

How to draw a horse colored pencils
Pencils which will be required to us for drawing of ears.

How to draw a horse with colored pencils

Here that at us it turns out.

How to draw a horse with colored pencils

Small council — undermine pencils more often, it is so easier to draw wool and drawing will be much accurater. And still never hurry, when drawing by colored pencils sometimes if there were many layers, to erase them rather difficult, it is better to take rest and will correct errors at an initial stage.

Drawing lesson colored pencils. Horse

Well here practically and everything, remained ammunition - its we too draw firm pencils, very sharply tool-grinding!

How to draw a horse step by step

Well and result of our work.

How to draw a horse colored pencils
Very much I hope that at you will turn out better than at me, good luck!
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