How to draw comics

How to draw comics

Comics — it is stories, stories in pictures in which has to the text is not necessarily written, but in most cases it is and often graphically it is surrounded with a cloudlet (will see below). Comics can be short, contain some pictures, for example, as are now widespread here such with memes, and long which can even be issued series.

How to draw comics

The technology of drawing of the comic book can is various, and very much differ among themselves. See below, examples of pages of the comic book of Darth Vader, the going dead persons, Turtles ninjias, SpongeBob and Naruto's mangas.

How to draw comicsHow to draw comics a pencilHow to draw in style of comicsWe learn to draw comicsHow to draw comics

As you can notice, features at characters are simplified, each artist has the style of drawing. Christopher Hart's book "Is good to eat how to draw abrupt comics", the anatomy for drawing of comics, examples of girls, guys, monsters, prospect and another is shown there. Will find it in the Internet without effort. There is a lot of animation style and on my site, for example, the family Flintstounov is executed in one style (Fred, Vilma, Kroshka and Dino).

To draw comics, it is possible and not to be able to draw, as in a case with memes, the main thing idea. It is also possible to draw in very simplified style, a little children's lines, crooked. See below.

how to draw comics a pencil

And if you want to draw comics professionally, you will need a lot of time for studying a structure of the person, prospect, etc., the book which wrote above initially will help.

There are movies and animated films created on the basis of comics. Here, for example, famous characters: Superman, Spiderman, Blade, Captain America, Hulk, Glutton, Chastener, Torahs, etc.

Try to draw now the comic book from memes or from very simple little men, simple animals, toons. Think up, for example, a plot which will consist of three and more pictures. It is lower than one more example of simple comic book.

How to draw comics

Watch the section how to draw the person how to draw an anime, animals, graffiti on paper.

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