How to draw the person to the child

How to draw the person to the child

Draw the extended oval, it will be the head, then below we add a small neck and we draw a rectangle. The neck has to be strictly on the middle of a rectangle (upper body).

We draw the person for children

We add still the same width even below the rectangle, is only longer (it will be a lower body). On each side trunks we draw hands, too rectangles, only very thin and they come to an end lower than 1, but is not really low, and slightly (watch drawing). Then from a neck we do curves to hands, i.e. we draw shoulders. We halve the lower rectangle, it will be feet.

How to draw the person to the child

Take a rubber (eraser) and erase part of lines from above plechy, they are not necessary to us, under shoulders and under a shirt (places are shown by a red rubber). Then draw a mouth, not up to the end the line where the sleeve connects to the main part of a jacket, then from the beginning of feet from above the line at an angle, but not up to the end to the left and to the right, i.e. at you it has to turn out as a slingshot form, draw a fly slightly above. Further we draw boots and hands. On the right the sequence of drawing of hands is shown. Made, good fellows.

How to draw the person to the child with a pencil step by step

Now we will be engaged in the head. Now we more will more accurately trace a shape of the head, and we will erase unnecessary curves. A dagger in the head we show where at us to be the middle the head and where eyes settle down. We draw small handles, it will be top of eyes, two points — it is a nose and from below their mouth. Also draw ears which settle down at the level of eyes and a nose.

How to draw the person to the child

Under handles draw same, only on the contrary, it will turn out at us an eye, then in a bottom we draw circles, from above an eye very close draw the line, it is a fold, look at yourself in a mirror, then we draw eyebrows and a bang, wider make shapes of the head.

How to draw the person to the child

Erase unnecessary lines on the head and can draw still folds on clothes, it very easy, simply draw slanting lines as in drawing, it is possible to detail boots. Drawing of the person for children is ready.

How to draw the person to the child

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