How to draw Frankie Stein

How to draw Frankie Stein

How to draw Frankie Stein a pencil

1. First of all we draw the head. Very detailed lesson of drawing of the head of Frankie to be here.

how to draw Frankie's face mattehow to draw Frankie's face matte

2. We draw a dress, hands and feet, only it is closer probably on a skeleton, here the main thing is correct to arrange hands and feet and to display in scale, and also a dress proportion.

We draw Frankie matte

3. We begin a portrayal. Let's begin with a dress and the right hand (for you it will be at the left).

Monster Huy of the picture

Then a tie and the left hand (for you it will be on the right).

how to draw Frankie picture matte

Now feet and shoes.

How to draw shoes

4. We draw sleeves on a dress, a handbag, a belt, bracelets, scars. I did not begin to draw Bolte in a neck, for me it too.

how to draw Frankie matte step by step

5. We erase all unnecessary lines, on hands we do a setochka, under a skirt too it is possible, but I did not become, then we draw circles on a belt, on the bag handle they too are, I did not want them to draw any more. We paint over hair and shoes, as on the picture.

How to draw Frankie Stein

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