How to draw Eppldzhek in a beautiful dress

How to draw Eppldzhek in a beautiful dress

It is the screenshot from the animated film on 8:53 minute which only is cut off.


Let's begin, as always, with drawing of a circle and directing, a nose, an arrangement of an eye and ear.

We learn to draw a pony

Then we draw a bang, a nostril, a mouth and a contour of the second eye. We erase auxiliary elements.

We learn to draw a pony a pencil step by step

We draw eyelashes, patches of light, a pupil, freckles on cheeks.

We draw Eppl Jack

Draw a body, further part of a forward foot and a boot, and also a collar at Eppldzhek.

We draw a pony Eppldzhek

Draw the second foot with a boot, a saddle and a cape.

How to draw Eppldzhek

We draw an apple and still lines on a saddle, then one more cape under a saddle, part of the looking-out foot. We erase unnecessary lines.

How to draw the Mail Littl Poni

Draw a hat at a pony, part of the spit and a ribbon in front.

How to draw the friendship is a miracle

Further we detail clothes and we specify by wafer-thin curves where the spit and its middle has to be located.

How to draw my little pony

We draw at first one side of the spit, then the second. We begin a braid of a tail with the top line which goes on the middle, then we draw the curve a little similar on an English letter S, it is only horizontal, the following lines same, the inclination only changes.

How to draw a pony EppldzhekHow to draw Epl Jack step by stepHow to draw Epl Jack

Our ready option of a pony Eppldzhek.

How to draw Eppldzhek in a beautiful dress

Look still to Selesty, the Moon, Pinki Pai, and also a horse on racks, a deer.