How to draw Drakulaura

How to draw Drakulaura

Drakulaura how to draw

1. At first we draw Drakulaura's face, I will give below only two stages because I already have a detailed lesson of drawing of her face, look here.

How to draw the monster find faultHow to draw the monster find fault

2. Now very simple lines we draw a body, a skirt, hands, feet, boots. Here the most important to draw the correct proportions and an arrangement of certain parts of a body.

We draw Drakulaura step by step

3. After we were convinced that truly distributed proportions, we begin a portrayal. We begin with a mouth on a neck, then some ryushik (?), then we draw a form of a vest and a hand. Previously erase all lines in that place where will draw a brush that they did not disturb.

How step by step to draw the monster find fault

4. We draw the second hand.

How to draw dolls of school of monsters

5. We draw a skirt and feet to boots.

The monster find fault with stage-by-stage lessons of drawing of all in pictures

6. We draw boots.

How to draw Drakulaura step by step

7. At this stage we draw additional lines on boots, under a skirt, can make a grid as in the original, then draw tails and paint over certain areas of hair at Drakulaura.

How to draw Drakulaura

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