How to draw the girl a pencil

How to draw the girl a pencil

This history of that me caught sight ref – to a photo of the Chinese actress Li Gong (Li Gong) began.

Li Gong

At once arose an image of the sad heroine in the head, against any landscape, the falling-down leaves (or petals of tsayet), the shattered hopes, sad memoirs and so forth. With the character everything is clear. It was necessary also a background. Here it was necessary will work. At last, necessary (a t.a most similar that was born) the landscape was found in the head. Here it. Unfortunately I do not know the author of this remarkable photo.


I was lucky, in this case to me there was enough one referens. Sometimes there is a lot of them. Slice there, slice syam … Now it is possible to get to work =)

I made some sketches from various photos of the actress. I wanted to study better "model", in particular features of Asian type of appearance. This option appeared the most successful, leaning on it and fotoreferens we will create our image.


In work I use:
1. Usual sketchbook of Hatber firm A3 format
2. Pencils. Generally it is a mechanical pencil of 0,5 mm 2B. It at me for all occasions))) Also in "arsenal" simple pencils of Kooh-I-Noor 3H - 7B.
3. Usual office sharpener.
4. Usual soft office elastic band. Naturally a klyachka, without it anywhere. An elastic band, quite dense, in the form of a pencil with a brush. A brush it is convenient to brush away any waste from deleting by an elastic band, without having damaged drawing. The rubber part is very convenient at correction of fine details (rice and) and here such, in the plastic case if at you such is not present, I recommend strongly to buy (I apologize for quality, it was necessary to scan for the lack of photoequipment))).


We transfer our sketch to a clean sheet of paper. It can be made in any convenient way: through a tracing-paper, a carbon paper, glass, on sections … somehow. I transfer by hand, construction. I put lines with a pencil of H or HB easy lines. At this stage everything is very inaccurate, and there are errors which in the subsequent steps we will correct as far as it perhaps.

Sketch of the girl of the Asian

I will layer-by-layer work, beginning work with firm and semi-firm pencils and finishing with the softest of my "collection" — 7B.
I start shading with the right top corner. I am the lefthander therefore I move from right to left then not to smear a hand already ready sites. If nevertheless it is necessary "to come back", I enclose a clean sheet of paper under a hand, it does not allow a hand to grease work.
The girl's hair dark therefore for hair at this stage I take a pencil more softly — 2B. Slanting strokes I paint over bulk of hair.

How to draw hair

The following layer already in the direction of growth of hair, slightly increasing pressing, but it is not strong. Shooters showed the direction of a stroke. Do not forget about the volume of hair and a hairdress. I allocate separate locks with a mechanical pencil, to them I trace the separate filaments and thin locks which are beaten out from a hairdress. At this stage I do not use strokes across, only along growth of hair.

We draw hair
We pass to the person. I put the first layer of tone of skin with a pencil 3H. It firm also does not give saturated tone, namely it and is necessary for us. Easily, without pressing a pencil not to scratch paper, we shade skin sites round eyes.

How to put shading on a face

Very important! We shade holding a pencil at an angle, but not as as if we are going to write them – the tip of a pencil will scratch paper!

Eyes. The most expressive part of the face, they define character of the character, set the tone for all portrait. If eyes turn out inexpressive (of course if there was no such idea), the portrait can be thrown out. In this case the girl's eyes – the defining moment. They have to be sad, thoughtful, released as if it is shipped in the thoughts or memoirs.

Mechanical pencil I start specifying a section of eyes, leaning on referens. I shade a pupil, having left a place for a patch of light. I will repeat, I do not press on a pencil from all force, I use a minimum of the efforts, I achieve contrast by imposing of layers of graphite.

We draw a portrait

I continue to work on the right part of the face and a landscape behind the girl. For skin I use pencils 2B and 4B for shadows. I apply graphite with the easy slanting movements, a cross crosswise. At first in one party, then in another. A layer behind a layer. Approximately so.


The site is more dark, the it is more than layers. Try that the stroke laid down exactly, without admissions, then equal tone will turn out, and it is not required any shadings. Of course such way more labor-consuming, but result will be much better, besides will allow to avoid dirty spots. Do not press on a pencil from all force to achieve more dark tone, never! Only layers! I draw eyebrows a mechanical pencil, in the direction of growth of hair.

How to draw the girl's portrait

On a background it is worked also: we apply cross strokes on "mountains" and hills. Trees and bushes it is drawn by roundabouts, creating "curliness". We do thin "streaks" on hills by a klyachka corner. Also we do a relief of hills by a klyachka, slightly "patting" it on paper, as if we stamp. There will be specks, is hardly lighter than the main tone. Be not overzealous, differently it is possible to erase all fruits of works simply.

We draw mountains against

I continue to work on a face, a body, I plan drawing on clothes and I continue specification of a background. Here I notice that eyes turned out slightly blinked, because there is an impression that the girl just about will laugh. So it is impossible. I take an elastic band which with a brush and soften a fold of a lower eyelid. It spoils to us all raspberry.

How to draw the girl's portrait with a pencil step by step

We work further on a background. Periodically I ply from a landscape to the girl, I finish hairdress details, flowers, jewelry, clothes.

How to draw the girl against a landscape

How to draw the girl with a pencil step by step

Shading of distant objects

Finishing touches. Lips. In the previous steps it is visible that the patch of light slipped down, the shape of lips was got out of. I returned it on a lawful place.

How to draw lips

And at last, we will walk a pencil 6B and 7B doing even more darkly that that has to be – hair, eyes, shadows of clothes and a background.

How to draw a portrait with a pencil step by step

Actually all. I achieved that that wanted. The sad girl against a landscape, as if escaping her. The torn beads, the showered flowers as a symbol of what any more not to return. Its world is scattered, thaws and dies away. And can do it her memoirs which start fading and to it it is sad. This picture can be increased, having clicked on it.

How to draw the girl with a pencil

Author: IcedWings