How to draw Ekvestriya's girls

How to draw Ekvestriya's girls

how to draw the girl Tvaylayt Sparkl

1. At first we draw a shape of the head, it is very similar to drawing of the person in an anime, then otcherchivay the line a bottom of a bang and we determine by curves the direction of the head of Tvaylayt Sparkl.

We learn to draw Ekvestriya's girls

2. We draw a contour of eyes, a nose and a mouth (by the way a nose and a mouth too animeshny).

As Ekvestriya's risovatdevushka pencil step by step

3. We draw pupils with patches of light (eyes, of course, as at a pony) and hair.

how to draw Ekvestriya's girls

4. We draw a neck, shoulders, dorisovyvay hair.

How to draw girls to Ekvestriya Iskork

5. We shade with very light tone shadows in the face of the girl Ekvestriya Iskorka, we erase excess lines and we verify result.

How to draw Ekvestriya's girls

1. Tvaylayt (Sparkle) to the utmost

2. Flattershay Ekvestriya's girl

3. Rariti Ekvestriya's girl

4. Eppldzhek Ekvestriya's girl

5. Rainbow Ekvestriya's girl

6. Pinki Pai Ekvestriya's girl

7. Sanshet Shimmer Ekvestriya's girl

8. Sonata Dask