How to draw the spiderman in the movement

How to draw the spiderman in the movement

1. VERY IMPORTANT point =) I would tell necessary is a CHOICE of the POSE! I got used "to think" on paper. We take a leaf and quickly we throw a pose which we want to see … In our case is a RUN … BUT run happens several types, usual, weakened (sports walking), fast … it is possible to eat and still, but everything depends on that the author wants to show. I wanted to show that he runs quickly, in any case I see that, Spider-Man runs quite so =).

2. Not less important than previous =) is a CHOICE of the FORESHORTENING … Snatch also quickly. Through a foreshortening stands on hind legs of the character! For example if you want to show power and importance – you will watch at it from below up (option 3) … But I stopped on the first. About this foreshortening I will tell that it looks as that not clearly. in it that that is not enough, and I think you agree. Everything is right, it is all about the pose … it looks is quite weakened and easy but when the person runs quickly, all muscles are strained … hands, a foot need to set a bend and to extend a neck. The basic at run is a twisting of a body … possibly because of it difficult to draw it … that we will sort after chose a foreshortening – we start drawing =)


IMPORTANT: If you cannot draw the necessary foreshortening in a small, draft look, train to draw foreshortenings! Draw a foreshortening until you do not have that you WANT to see! If you covered with drawings already a leaf from two parties … throw out it and begin ANEW!

3. Quickly we plan already chosen pose and we look, whether character of drawing got off, we look that is not enough, we correct.

We learn to draw the movements

In run it is necessary to show pushing, with what force it is pushed and as the character runs. Twisting, distance between feet, a ducking tension — varying these properties you will give to the character character.

4. In the previous point I did not like hands and the head therefore we take away a back hand back, the neck is extended, we incline the head. Right there we start studying muscles.

We draw the spiderman

5. We do Spaydi's eyes, we study muscles of feet most difficult (in my opinion). We clean a kartinochka.

How to draw Spider-Man

How to draw Spider-Man with a pencil step by step

6. In the previous point I did not like the CLAVICLE, at the top of a body something has to be formed like a rhombus. I finish intercostal muscles, I begin toning.

How to draw the spiderman a pencil step by step
7. I tint, then I apply a spider on a suit and a spider line.

How to draw Spider-Man
8. To give even more dynamism to the picture, it is possible to draw strips, having shown, in what direction it moves.

How to draw Spider-Man in the movement

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