How to draw a tree

How to draw a tree

Let's draw here such beautiful tree.

How to draw a tree

We plan our tree on height, an arrangement of a trunk and branches.

We draw

We draw a trunk, what it thickness. Consider that the tree trunk has no carrots form: it is narrowed up gradually, and there is it in many respects thanks to the branches departing from it. Branching, the tree becomes thinner. It is fair and for branches — the more the branch branches, the branch become thinner, moving away from a trunk. You should not draw a tree, too thick at roots — differently you can not have enough leaf height.

We draw

We continue to specify location and the size of branches of a tree, we draw thinner branches.

How to draw a tree trunk

So, at the previous stage we drew a tree with branches. Now we will lead round it on a contour a soft pencil, changing the pressing force that the line was different thickness for expressiveness.
But we need to draw leaves. Each leaf cannot be drawn, it is necessary to solve as leaves in weight look. For this purpose we will present that light falls sideways. It will be very good if you look at the real trees or photos of trees in a sunny day. There it is well noticeable that leaves are located such big masses. Separate leaflets can be drawn later for now we lay shadows. On a tree trunk too there are shadows.

How to draw a tree in the winter

We put shadows in the field of foliage of a tree.

How to draw a tree a pencil step by step

We put more dark sites of a tree with softer pencil. Here and there we draw thin branches by means of an elastic band (we erase, and white branches turn out) and a pencil. In some places we draw leaves.

How to draw a tree step by step

By the same principle dorisovyvay a tree, for allocation of light sites we use a rubber.

How to draw a tree


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