How to draw the correct five-pointed star without compasses

How to draw the correct five-pointed star without compasses

How to draw correctly a star

Draw a circle and halve it straight lines. I hope that you will be able to draw a circle without compasses because practically it is present at each of lessons and you trained. If no, it is possible to take a glass or a mug and to lead round a bottom, does not occur round subjects any more.


Now the circle should be divided into 5 equal parts, approximately, of course, not to turn out. Each school student has to have a protractor where degrees are lined, it it seems is necessary for geometry, I do not remember, at me was when I studied. By the way, in the same place a semicircle, it is possible to draw too by means of it a circle. If you have no protractor, welcome to this lesson where only the ruler will be necessary. So, a protractor you have to measure 72 degrees in both parties from a vertical straight line.

We measure degrees

Further from a nacherchenny straight line it is measured 72 more degrees, from this still. Everything, the circle is divided exactly into 5 parts.

We measure degrees

Now we will start drawing a star. I think according to pictures clearly how to connect lines.

How to draw a star step by step

How to draw a star with a pencil

Erase all auxiliary straight lines and a circle.

How to draw a star

Then internal lines and the correct five-pointed star it is drawn.

how to draw the correct star