How to draw winter with gouache

How to draw winter with gouache

We will draw winter at night when the sun set for the horizon, darkened, but the moon shines and something is visible, light burns in the house, water in the lake froze, a fir-tree all in snow, in the star sky.

How to draw winter with gouache

At first on a sheet of paper it is necessary to make a preliminary sketch a pencil. It is better to take a sheet A3, that is, as two album leaves together. It is possible to add the details if it seems to you not full to this drawing.

How to draw the house and the wood in the winter

It is possible not to trace carefully details, try to keep only balance of composition on a sheet of paper. A big brush (it is better to take a brush from a bristle) we will trace the sky. It is necessary to achieve that transition was rather equal and smooth. Above — to mix dark blue paint with black (mix previously on a palette), then smoothly pass to blue color and gradually enter white paint. On the picture all this can be considered.

How to draw night with gouache

Now gradually we will start a lodge. Our lodge is located rather close to us therefore we will trace it in more detail. I suggest to draw a lodge is a little exaggerated, it is multiplikatsionno, perhaps, so easier to be trained to work with dabs.
We need at first ochre. This, approximately, average between brown and yellow paint. If there is no such paint — mix yellow, brown and a little white paint on a palette. Spend some dabs along a log at home.

How to draw the house with gouache

Then in the bottom of a log make some more short dabs brown paint. Do not wait until ochre dries — impose directly on damp paint. Only do not take too much water — paint should not be liquid — it not a water color.

How to draw a log with gouache

So we achieved half tones. Now, having mixed black and brown, we will strengthen a shadow in the bottom of a log. Apply paint with short small dabs.

Drawing lessons gouache

Thus, it is necessary to draw all logs of which the lodge — light top and a dark bottom consists.

How to draw the house step by step

The top part of a lodge where the garret window is located, is painted over by vertical dabs. Try to put dabs for once, without smearing not to violate the invoice of a tree.

We draw the house

Before end of a lodge still far. Now we will pass to a window. As on the street — night, in the house burns light. Let's try it to draw now. For this purpose we need yellow, brown and white paint. Draw a yellow strip on window perimeter.

How to draw the burning window at night gashyyu

Now we will add white paint to the middle. Do not take the too liquid — paint has to be rather dense. Accurately mix edges, having made transition smooth. At the edges of a window put slightly brown paint, having also smoothly mixed it from the yellow. Draw a frame on window perimeter. And in the middle do not bring a little to a white spot — as though light washes away frame outlines.

How to draw the house

When the window is ready, it is possible to paint a sun blind and platbands. It already on your taste. Put a little snow on an external window sill and between logs. Face circles of logs need to be drawn too in a form. Put dabs around, at first with ochre, then designate annual rings in more dark color, brown and emphasize below a shadow black (having mixed it with brown that it did not turn out aggressively).

At first paint over snow on a roof white gouache, then on a palette mix blue, black and white color. Try to receive light blue-gray color. This color trace a shadow in the bottom of snow. Do not wait until paint dries — colors have to lay down at each other and mix up.

How to draw winter with gouache step by step

We drew the sky, now it is necessary to draw the distant wood. At first, having mixed black and white (it is necessary to receive color only very little more darkly than the sky), we will trace vertical dabs of an outline of trees, not distinguishable at night at a great distance. Then, having added to the mixed paint a little dark blue, we will draw one more silhouette of trees slightly below — they will be closer to our lodge.

On a subject winter to draw drawing

We trace the foreground, forming the frozen lake. The lake can be drawn as well as the sky, only the turned. That is, colors have to mix up in the return sequence. Pay attention that snow is not painted over in the equal white color. Try to create snowdrifts. It is necessary to do it by means of a shadow. In drawing it is visible as it can be made.

How to draw snow with gouache

At the left we left a place to draw the fir-tree brought by snow. As it is simple to draw a fir-tree we already sorted here. And now it is possible to draw with several dabs a fir-tree contour simply. In the dark many colors are lost therefore draw simply dark green paint. It is possible to add to it a little blue color.

How to draw a winter landscape with gouache

On paws of a fir-tree put snow. It is possible to pritemnit a little bottom edge of snow, but it is not obligatory. Take a big rigid brush, gather on it a little paint so that the brush was moist (do not dip in a jar with water before a paint set) and add nametenny snow on ice.

We forgot to draw a pipe of oven heating at a lodge! Anything to itself a lodge without oven in the winter. Mix brown, black and white paint and draw a pipe, draw a thin brush the lines designating bricks Draw the smoke going from a pipe.

On a background a thin brush trace silhouettes of trees.

How to draw winter with gouache

It is possible to improve a picture endlessly. In the sky it is possible to draw stars, to put a fence-shtaketnik round the house, etc. But sometimes it is better to stop in time not to spoil work.

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