How to draw the Pearl from Rio 2

How to draw the Pearl from Rio 2

How to draw the Pearl with a pencil step by step

Outline a shape of the head of the Pearl, the middle of the person and an arrangement of eyes. Then draw a beak and define where there have to be eyes.

Stage-by-stage drawing of a parrot

We draw in detail a shape of the head, eyelids, eyes, eyelashes and nostrils.

How to draw the Pearl

We draw a shape of a body.

How to draw a parrot of macaw

Wing, very small part of the 2nd wing, tail and part of feet.

Pearl drawing lesson pencil step by step

Draw paws and feathers on a wing at our samochka.

How to draw the Pearl from Rio

Make fluffy chest area and feet, putting separate lines close to each other, thus at first erase a line rubber where there will be a fluffy area. Finish feathers, in a beak the Pearl holds a floret. We draw a stalk and the beginning of a flower.

how to draw smart guy and a pearl

Flower and the seen cop.

how to draw a pearl from Rio step by step

For giving of volume, it is possible to use shading, thus to vary shades or by means of differently softness of pencils, or by means of the different pressure upon pencil paper.

How to draw the Pearl