How to draw a she-wolf. Drawing lesson colored pencils

How to draw a she-wolf. Drawing lesson colored pencils

Picture was drawn on A4 Whatman paper by the KOH-I-NOOR and Derwent colored pencils.

Initial photo of a she-wolf.

We draw a she-wolf

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At first I do a sketch. I try to make it as much as possible detailed that it was more convenient to work further. I plan limits of different colors and transitions. All pictures increase.

We draw a she-wolf

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I begin work in color with eyes. At first a black pencil I paint over the most dark places, slightly I plan future shadows. Then layer-by-layer I start adding color of a raduzhka. At first I pass light brown, okhristy, then I add more dark brown and a little green. On centuries the blue is slightly added. For bigger realness I put strokes from a pupil to edge on a circle, more natural texture so turns out. Patches of light I leave not painted over.

How to draw eyes of a wolf

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We draw eyes of a wolf colored pencilsI begin work on wool further. Here it is important to watch that pencils always had sharp tips, only then wool will be tidy and thin. At first slightly I plan the general direction of wool. Where wool red, I use different shades light brown, on the gray — gray. I am guided on ref. On a pencil I do not press as I will give a saturation of color then.

We learn to draw wool colored pencilsI add shades on wool, little by little increasing brightness. In gray wool will well look blue and nonsaturated green tone. Separate thin strokes I add black strands of wood.
Then I begin final shading of gray wool. I begin with the most dark area from an ear to an eye. Sometimes I strengthen a blue shade, in addition passing a blue pencil.

Drawing lessons colored pencils step by stepDrawing lessons colored pencils step by step

Wanted to finish at first a forehead and an ear, but for some reason the bakenbard wanted to continue. And I already understood that it is better to draw what is wanted than to toil with that planned. Therefore I continue this area. I do an underpainting in the color and I plan the direction of wool.

We drawCompleted a bakenbarda and a cheek. Left a bottom is lighter, than it is necessary — there I will work when I reach a muzzle and a neck — I need to see contrast. Slightly walked a black pencil on a forehead, having designated dark strands of wood.

Stage-by-stage lessons of drawingAlmost finished a forehead — strengthened black, added blue and shades of the brown. Planned the direction of wool on an ear.

Drawing of an ear of a she-wolfI study an ear. At first I add shades, then I fix tone a black pencil. At first I worked edges of an ear, and then already internal part. To show the direction of hairs, did strokes by a gray and brown pencil, long, added the black here and there.

How to draw a wolfHow to draw a wolfSimilarly I study also the second half of a forehead. I plan the direction of wool, I add shades blue and brown, then slightly I pass black before gaining final tone.

How to draw a she-wolfHow to draw a she-wolfFinished a forehead. Mostly worked with a black pencil, here and there strengthening blue and brown shades. Added the green a little.

We learn to draw colored pencilsCompleted the second ear by analogy with the first. At first made edges red, then added black for the necessary shadow, green and blue for shades. For office of long locks of light hairs I put abrupt strokes the black.

How to learn to draw animalsMade a nose. At first designated the most dark places and a penumbra a black pencil, then added shades violet, blue and slightly green, strengthened black to the necessary tone at the end.

How to draw a nose of an animalHow to draw a nose of an animalHow to draw a nose of an animalThe red planned strands of wood on a muzzle.

Drawing wolfWalked on a nose back brown and black. In the gray color added strands of wood on a white site of a muzzle.

Drawings she-wolfFinished an attractive face. Strengthened red shades different brown pencils. Added separate black hairs for bigger vivacity.

How to draw a she-wolf. Colored pencilsSo far to do a cheek to me the reluctance therefore left an underpainting and planned black edge. Made a wool underpainting on a neck. On a dark site at first walked black, then added shades and fixed black to the necessary tone. On the light — on the contrary (at first a blue pencil, then black and brown).

How to draw a wolf with colored pencilsHow to draw a wolf with colored pencilsBlack pencil planned wool on other part of a neck, having defined the direction and some locks.

How to draw a she-wolf with colored pencilsFinished with a similar way a neck. Light locks studied everyone separately, at first passing across the direction of wool brown, and then adding dark brown and black.
It is ready.

Drawing lesson colored pencils. She-wolfAuthor: Azany (Ekaterina Yermolaeva) Source:

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