How to draw water and Chinese dragons with a pencil

How to draw water and Chinese dragons with a pencil

These two dragons are similar, only one live in water, and others are heavenly dragons. Their body have a snake and figurative form with a little head, short paws and a long tail.

1. 3 images with a skeleton, muscles and a general view of two dragons in comparison are given below. At the Chinese dragon (east) of a paw very small in comparison with his body, he has magic which gives it the chance to fly without necessary physiological structure of a body. Press the picture to increase it.

Structure of a dragon water and eastStructure of a dragon water and eastwater and east dragon

2. Comparison of the heads of a water dragon with Chinese.

At a water dragon teeth are located in two ranks in the form of needles, is available moving forward a jaw which is intended for a perekusyvaniye, on them teeth very strong. Also the water dragon has couple more of canines with the paralyzing poison. Transparent eyelids are intended for protection of eyes, the dragon with rough scales with slime is covered.

Feature of the Chinese dragon are pronounced nostrils from which he lets out fire. His teeth are located in one row. Eyes look forward, as at the person.

Heads of a dragon

3. Examples of construction back and forepaws are given.

Structure of paws of dragonsStructure of paws of dragons

4. Let's draw a water dragon. We draw a body basis the line, we allocate with circles places of the head, chest and back areas. Images increase.

We draw a water dragon

We trace the head, bodies, flippers and a tail.

How to draw a water dragon with a pencil step by step

We erase auxiliary lines and we direct contours of a water dragon, we detail and we carry out shading.

How to draw a water dragon

5. Let's draw east dragon. Principle of drawing same.

We draw east dragonHow to draw east dragonHow to draw the Chinese dragon

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