How to draw falls with a pencil step by step

How to draw falls with a pencil step by step

1. A pencil 2B shade cross shading different a sheet of paper, then shade.

We shade and shade a background

2. Before we draw, tone of a leaf has to be as it is possible smoothly and is evenly shaded. Then by means of an eraser (klyachka) make the main background of falls. All pictures increase.

We draw falls

3. Slightly walk an eraser, creating a form of clouds in the sky.

How to draw the sky with a pencil

4. Now it is necessary to allocate a basis of clouds, for this purpose make lighter shades by means of a rubber (klyachka) at clouds.

How to draw clouds with a pencil

5. Draw the general forms of the nature (2B).

We learn to draw the natureHow to draw the nature a pencil

6. Add still a whiteness rubber to falls.

How to draw falls

7. We need to finish a sky portrayal, for this purpose use an eraser and shading to give the form to clouds, and for allocation of contours of clouds use a pencil 4H. We work at the left for the right.

To draw clouds with a pencilHow to draw the nature with a pencil

8. Using combinations of B and 2B, draw a form of trees and the district along the river and falls.

How to draw the nature a pencil step by stepLessons for adults. We draw the nature

9. By means of an eraser and shading make more fluffy foam and the general background of splashes from water.

How to draw falls with a pencil

10. We do more smooth water in the foreground.

How to draw falls step by step

11. Draw bushes and part of a stone (earth) in the foreground on the right. Here we also drew falls with a pencil.

How to draw falls with a pencil step by step

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