How to draw a willow in a vase with a pencil step by step

How to draw a willow in a vase with a pencil step by step

How to draw a willow in a vase with a pencil

First of all we draw a vase, the review is made slightly from above therefore it will be necessary a heap of auxiliary elements. Before we simply drew the vase located directly before us where it was possible to apply such construction what we will do, however for ease we simply drew a form at the left and repeated outlines on the right. And here we at first will draw a vertical straight line, then up, we will determine a bottom and a mouth by horizontal lines, the piece of one party is equal to a piece another. Further draw ovals, it is a type of a circle in the long term. Guide a vase form.

How to draw a vase

Now you should repeat the same form, only on the right. For this purpose it is possible to use a ruler, measuring at a certain distance piece length from the middle of a vase (vertical straight line which we drew first of all) to its contour, and to build a form, it is possible simply approximately if a good eye. Then approximately draw willow branches, it is not obligatory to repeat exactly and their quantity can be another.

How to draw a still life a vase with a willow

Give volume to willow branches, carrying out still curves about the drawn. Press the picture that it increased.

How to draw a willow in a vase with a pencil step by step

Draw willow butonchik. I have a lesson how to draw a willow, there the butonchik which revealed and fluffy since drew close. On this picture they are far therefore a form become more smooth.

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Pritemnite slightly branches of a willow and on the one hand butonchik. Use shading in the direction of volume of a vase, there is an example in a lesson" How to draw a rose in a pot ".

Drawing for Easter a willow in a vase a drawing lesson

Can leave as is, can shade, thus adding still strokes in dark places, both once again shade, and so so far not to arrange you. An eraser make a patch of light on the right side.

How to draw a willow in a vase