How to draw a shoe on a hairpin

How to draw a shoe on a hairpin

In this lesson such colored pencils were used here.

Colored pencils for drawing

For a lesson were used specifically:

Materials for drawing

Primary colors when drawing a shoe:
- 704 Brown
- 705 Red
- 708 Orange
- 739 Straw

Incidental pencils for a shadow very pale, we will apply them right at the end to a zateneniye of certain areas.

So, we draw the sketch of a shoe.

How to draw a shoe

Let's begin with a bow. At first we put where there are dark areas in the brown color slightly pressing a pencil, then we paint over in the red color, then orange for allocation of light sites. Shading circular or curls.

drawing of a shoe colored pencils

Actually, because so it is not enough used flowers, and the technician one at their imposing, process quite simple, almost mechanical :-)
After a bow we start a heel. Pay attention that the right ribbon from below has a light reflex illustrating volume do not forget about it. And in general, the most remarkable in a shoe, it just the game of light shadow revealing forms and nuances of a subject. And a hairpin remarkably long, thin and accurately vertical (I specially ground a brown pencil and put a sheet A4 for flatness :-)
We draw
Also we start painting over an insole. Straw color, at the left blackout pink goes the first (it designated a shadow from a tape). it is best of all to impose colors easily — you will be able to strengthen a shade at any time, and soft pressing allows to mix and not to leave well accurate sides between areas. If the shadow not really pleases, add slightly usual brown (not water color).
as it is beautiful to draw shoes

As you can see, I started allocating dark zones sideways of the boat and outlined already a sole to understand that at us with a form

I will tell that I traced contours lines that there was more contrast with a background, but not at first, and along with painting of elements of drawing.

On the brown we shade in the red color, extending on all sock. I only left not painted over a patch of light on the very brink of a sock and painted over straw a reflex over a sole (just in case not to forget) a little more:
how to draw shoes on heels

We paint over red all sock, then we add orange, for brightness. I still here and there strengthened shadows brown and red. Generally, look at all drawing — it is perhaps necessary to podshtrikhovat still somewhere for completeness of color.

Well, practically all! Now take ear sticks and accurately walk on a shoe to mix a little colors and "to grind" them. I like to do it by roundabouts, in tone to shading, I do not know, however, correctly it or not :-)

Ah yes, a shadow from a shoe. Easy strokes of a pink pencil we designate a form, then we add the little brown. I walked on a shadow from a sole outside, leaning on a pencil everything is weaker and weaker. By the way, a brown pencil, shading, I climbed on a sole that there were no light strips between them a little. the shadow too needs to be shaded a stick (it is better pure not to soil in other flowers).
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