How to draw Bonnie from game

How to draw Bonnie from game

How to draw Toi Bonnie

Draw a circle and the heads directing, showing the middle and an arrangement of eyes. Then draw close to each other big oval eyes and at the same level a small round nose.

How to draw Toi Bonnie

We draw eyelids, eyelashes on them on 4 pieces, pupils and a raduzhka, the top part of a muzzle and a shape of a face of a pear-shaped form.

How to draw Bonnie with a pencil step by step

Draw the lower jaw, eyebrows and the heads, absolutely slightly, part of ears are slightly higher.How to draw Toi Bonnie

Then we draw the second part of ears and we fix the first with the head on connection, then draw teeth and cheeks. Erase all unnecessary lines.How to draw Bonnie from game


On ears we draw additional lines, then a body and the hands consisting of parts.How to draw Bonnie Five Nights at Freddy's

Dorisovyvayem a candy wrapper on a neck, puziko and Toi Bonnie's drawing is ready, now it is possible it and to paint in color.

How to draw Bonnie

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