How to draw Brad Pitt

How to draw Brad Pitt

How to draw Brad Pitt

We draw a circle. We look at a photo, a look and the head is hung a little down and forward. Therefore we draw the line of eyebrows slightly below than the middle. We draw the line of eyes below. We halve the head of a vertical straight line. We note a hyphen the end of a nose. This distance or approximately, or by measurement decides on a photo. The person at Brad Pitt thin also repeats a shape of a skull. Otcherchivayem on each side line circles.

Creation of a man's face

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We measure distance from the line of eyebrows to a nose point, we measure it down, we put a hyphen — it will be the end of a chin, we measure top, too we put a hyphen — this beginning of growth of hair. The line of eyes it is divisible on 5 equal parts. The distance between eyes has to equals to the eye size.

Creation of a man's face

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At men of a cheekbone are more sharply allocated — sharp, women have them smoother. Cheekbones are at the level of lips. Divide distance from a nose to a chin into three equal parts. The first hyphen is on a section of lips, i.e. it is the lower part of an upper lip. Since the head is inclined a few arrangement of ears will mix up down and they leave a little above, than usually. Also we draw border of hair.

Creation of a man's face

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Now we draw eyebrows, eyes, a nose, a mouth. According to the standard, a t.a to a srednestaticheskoi to the person from an edge an eye we drop a dotted line and wings of a nose should not marries him. But at Brad they leave, I long peered, also watched his other photos.

How to draw the man

We direct a shape of a face, we draw hair.

How to draw Brad Pitt with a pencil step by step

Further, that it though was a little similar to itself(himself) we put shadows, we draw a small beard.

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