How to draw a glass with water, glass with a pencil step by step

How to draw a glass with water, glass with a pencil step by step

Here our original.

The kitten sleeps

We need to decide on the direction of the head therefore we draw a circle and the heads directing, showing the middle and an arrangement of eyes. We divide each half of a straight line (where eyes have to settle down) into three parts. And we show to one more small straight line on directing (central) a nose arrangement. We do all this hardly pressing on a pencil that then it was without effort possible to erase these lines.

We draw a circle and directing

Further we draw the closed eyes curves, then a nose, a muzzle and a mouth.

We draw a kitten muzzle

Draw a shape of the head of a kitten.

How to draw a kitten muzzle

Draw a body of a kitten. I start drawing a back, then a paw arrangement under the head of a kitten, a tail and a hip.

How to draw the sleeping kitten with a pencil step by step

Now we erase contours and we do wool imitation by short lines of different length and an orientation, we apply shadows on a nose and about it, it is a little round eyes.

How to draw a kitten with a pencil step by step

Also we arrive with a back, a tail, in addition still doing shadows on muzzles and under the head. I applied on the head lines which then I will shade and I will erase part a rubber, them it will be visible not. Also I will arrive and with other sites.

How to draw a kitten

At this stage I decided to grind after all a soft pencil and contours of wool made fat, darkened ear areas. As this drawing not on an exhibition, for shading it is possible to use a finger (though it are not recommended because there are traces and drawing looks dirty), but for draft option it is possible. Look at the original, it is now important to transfer shadows, catch where they are. So, we will begin with area about the head (we will deal with the head then), the shadow to be on a paw and on a body, do shading and shade. There are transitions, can put in addition shading for creation of more dark sites, and for the light — to use an eraser. The tail at us of temnenkiya and area on a joint of part of a foot and tail (I hope, you understood where it) at us too has a dark shade, and a hip from above light, on it light falls. Therefore we shade slightly above a tail on a hip and it is pounded, taking all hip. We take an eraser and by an edge it is erased where there has to be a light area, and also is slightly lower as you do strokes, and a rubber carry out that it was similar to wool. If you open more picture, you will see them. In general the principle same as we drew a squirrel or a lion. Then pencil pritemnyay still area of a joint of a tail and paw. Do not forget about bottom area, it too is darkened. Now head. Shade lines, erase shadows from frontal area, it is a little under eyes. Apply still additional shadows on a nose, a muzzle, a mouth, allocate brows. Here such not difficult approach to drawing, address to the original photo if you wish, make even more more in details than a kitten, look at shadows. I stopped on this option, a minimum of the spent time and the acceptable result. Now we know how to draw a kitten.

How to draw the sleeping kitten with a pencil step by step

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