How to draw an owl with a pencil step by step

How to draw an owl with a pencil step by step

Feather of a bird

Step 1. We need to draw the exact sketch. Thin lines we draw contours of the head, body and wing. We click on the image that to increase it.

We draw an owl

Step 2. We draw a beak, area of feet and feathers.

We draw an owl a pencil

Step 3. Draw eyes and pupils, they represent incomplete circles. Now we need to erase a contour (to clarify) and on a place its lines of different length to create visibility of feathers. Then we will trace paws and a trunk.

How to draw an owl

Step 4. In this drawing a light source at the left therefore on the right the shade is more dark. Add the inclined lines of shading on the head representing small, soft feathers. Turn attentively on the directions of strokes, they are important as they help to give illusion of depth of various forms. Outline feathers of a different form and length on a wing. Add some bent strokes on stupnyakh paws to show the direction in which tiny soft feathers grow.

How to draw an owl step by step

Step 5. Remember that the lines of shading used for drawing of feathers differ in different lengths and shades. Contours do not break sharply, and have a feather form (or rough) for transfer of more realistic appearance rather.

Pencil 2H easily shade feathers on the left and central parts of paws, the lower part of a trunk. A pencil 2B make an intermediate shadow on the right. Then using pencils 2B and 4B add dark shades of feathers on the lower part of a trunk, on the right shoulder, under a beak and under a wing. Draw a circle on perimeter of an iris of the eye of eyes as an external rim.

How to draw an owl a pencil step by step

Step 6. Shade these external rims with a pencil 2B. By means of a pencil 6B paint over a pupil, leaving a patch of light and draw a dark shade on a beak.

How to draw the head of an owl
Step 7. Using a pencil 2H and HB paint over an eye and a beak of an owl.

We learn to draw an owl correctly

Step 8. Use firm pencils to add more strokes on all sites of the head. Use 2H for light sites, and 2B and 4B for more dark. Add some tiny ovals on feathers on a forehead and on each side the heads. On the following picture the finished type of these ovals and in the increased resolution is shown. If you want to allocate some of them more, simply walk on them your eraser to show and lighten the central parts of everyone.

We learn to draw an owlHow to draw an owl with a pencil

Step 9. Use the ground firm pencil and short strokes for drawing of soft down feathers on a breast and paws of an owl.

We draw paws at an owl

Step 10. Shade feathers on a tail at an owl. Each feather has a dark shade on the right which smoothly passes into a light shade at the left. Add diagonal lines on separate feathers. Look attentively at drawing and notice that diagonal lines, drawn on each of feathers, do a zateneniye complete and emphasize details.

How to draw feathers of a bird

Step 11. Shade feathers in the top area of a wing, thus the area from above is more dark as the shadow from the head of an owl falls.

How to draw an owl with a pencil

Step 12. Use pencils of different softness and shading by lines of different length to transfer texture of feathers in the top part of a wing. Separate feathers have light sites on tips.

How to draw feathers a pencil

Step 13. Add dark shadows on claws, thus leaving places for patches of light. Use shading by different lines to create texture of a branch.

We draw paws of an owl

Step 14. If it is necessary, add still lines on yours of a discretion that drawing looked complete. To create light sites use an eraser that dark — put additional shading. Date and sign drawing.

How to draw an owl with a pencil step by step

Author: Brenda Hoddinott